Monday, 6 June 2016

Chrome Time

Oof i should have posted this a while ago when I picked this little beauty up….

So as we have all gathered, I am not the biggest saver for the long haul. Over the last 2 years where I have been able to save over a few months for my dream watch I've spent it on a whole lot of other shit and kicked myself afterwards. The day after coming back from Japan I decided the money I didn't spend on holiday I would buy something nice for myself. I had my eyes on the amazing mixed materials Chanel boy bag in the chevron. I got it in a beige and I cannot express how beautiful it was. However the price wasn't beautiful and I started to panic about the money I spent on a beige bag that would most likely get stained. So I thought I would change it for the navy version of the bag, purely because I loved the concept of the bag and how different it was. The night before changing it I spoke to my mum who literally said "I don't understand why you need another bag at THAT price when you could buy your watch" It was a penny drop moment. I assumed I would have this antagonising save up mission and self restraint test coming my way but the reality was I was buying a bag the price of my watch…That is how bad the price increase has become at Chanel.

All I have to say is, I've tried this watch on constantly for the last 8 years! No joke, originally I wanted the classic black but eventually Chanel released this Chrome beauty and well I was sold. It was just a matter of when it would be sold to me. So when it came time to actually pick the watch it happened within seconds. Chrome Chanel J12. SWOOOOOON!

I won't lie, my anxiety levels raised rapidly. Do not ask me why, if I added my shoe and bag collection I think I would sit and cry. Maybe because a watch is a little more personal and so small. But for me this truly is what I've wanted to achieve in my life. I am not a greedy girl, I don't care for a selection of over the top watches and Rolex's. That isn't my style. I went with Chrome because I wanted it to go with everything I owned in silver and gold and that is the beauty of this chrome, it manipulates with what you're wearing. I want to pass this down to my children and enjoy it!

I've always witnessed the process of buying fine jewerley and watches but it was nice to be in the seat and have my little moment. Obviously sitting in that section of the store waiting for your dream purchase a list can form (dream on Nadia!). I did like the idea of the Boyfriend watch, and maybe in the future when I've achieved another goal i'll add it to my watch and one sole Chanel watch collection. But for now my pride lies in this beauty.
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Sunday, 8 May 2016

All Black...

Back on the bloggersphere after an amazing month of travelling to Japan and Cuba (lets not forget I live in-between London and Paris!) so I am so happy to actually be settling back to some normality and putting this blog post up!

Let's be honest this look is still relevant to the weather because it has just been so shit! I am praying this good weather sticks around now. At least give us the chance to put these long coats away?! Anyway, that's my quintessential English weather moment over…lets focus on the fact I am so massively, totally, utterly madly in love with Gucci. 

Since the moment Alessandro showed his first show (This time last year) I have been on the Gucci change to greatness train. It went from love to a pure and utter obsession, I now stalk the website for brand new updates and pre orders (yes even the pre-orders are hard to get hold of!) I must admit my passion to stay ahead of the Gucci pack has been on top form. I don't brag when I say I literally had no doubts this would be a fashion revolution. When I bought my Dionysus bag (in a non printed GG because I knew that it would be harder to get hold of rather than the GG which would be a constant in the gucci collection, and it has been.) no one wanted to know, everyone said it was nice but just a phase, roll on a year later and they are in constant demand, sold out and released in alternative sizes and colours. I should also mention how EVERY "IT" blogger has it because another blogger bought it but of course the reasoning would never ever be inner circle competition at all *insert eye roll here*. Back to the shoes...I adore these shoes so bloody much. They are beyond comfortable and the details make me swoon. That is what I love about Gucci, the attention to details and the ability to differ itself from the rest of the fashion pack. It truly follows no trend but the passion and love of art. I would love to absorb myself in Alessandro Michele head! Since buying these I have worn them so much the leather have soften. These look great with dresses and jeans and can definitely be dressed up or down. 

Oh and this is howI maximise my Gucci buys- I use the ribbon as a chocker! I am currently obsessed with chokers all over again. According to my mother she's having major flash backs to my Buffy phase (I would like to note I still take tips from Buffy! She rocked a camisole!). All I am gonna say is, give me more chokers and my Dior sunnies this summer!

Gucci loving over (it truly never is over!), you all know I like my quirky pieces to be the stand out piece, I think the details lie in accessories. I do however make sure I buy key essential pieces now like this polka dot shirt from New Look. I bought this originally in burgundy, then this black then grey. Yep, I love it, before i went crazy with the other colours, I did test the burgundy out (wear, wash and wear again) and it passed. I use to spend too much money on fast fashion and constantly use to moan to my mum about not having enough for designer pieces I wanted. I have learned from my job and experience it isn't about the quantity of your wardrobe but the quality. Something I live by now, that doesn't mean high street is out of the equation. No. You just have to be savvy and know what trend you will hold on to past the actual trends sell by date. I.e Polka dot shirts! 

I definitely apply my essential buys to my jeans. Everyone who knows me knows I have the biggest weakness for denim. If I had it my way this blog would be named "Diary of a double denim queen" but that would get boring quite quickly. I swear by Topshop Joni jeans. I have had cheap jeans and expensive jeans. I do love current elliot jeans and Frame, but Topshop is my ultimate go to. I have had so many issues with jeans, for some reasons MOST hight street stores seem to believe the bigger the waist the fatter the legs…hmmm! Thanks Topshop for the best jeans!

This Chanel is beyond cute and amazing. This was one of my christmas presents from the cruise collection. This is such a cute and boxy shape, and it fits so so much in. The chain is actually grosgrain rather than leather so I like to treat this little lambskin beauty safe!

Coat- Topshop
Top- New Look
Jeans- Topshop
Handbag- Chanel
Shoes- Gucci
Necklace- Louis Vuitton
Choker- Gucci Ribbon 
Sunglasses- Dior SOReal
Scarf- Louis Vuitton

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Punky Ballerina

I do not at all claim to be "out the fashion box" or a complete and utter fashionista. But...I fall head over heel for some quirky ass shoes. I like to think of it as my thing. I love wearing a basic outfit (honestly 90% of my wardrobe is an ode to Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen) with quirky pieces. Shoes are as you all know my ULTIMATE weakness. Shoes have a hotline to my credit card. Even my dad takes note on what shoes I wear home when I'm visiting. I love shoes. I usually don't fall for the typical Louboutin (not that there is anything wrong with them) it's not my pace or style, for me it has lost that quirky aspect, it's fallen into the commercial bracket. I love when my friends call my shoes ugly makes me feel I have achieved something great because I know our tastes differ (there are rare occasions all my friends love my shoes. That's a day our hormones aline)

So as the story of my life goes...The SS16 Miu Miu show blew me away as usual. What blew me away were the ballerinas, soft satin meets aggressive black straps with one gingham and one black wrap-round ribbon. Swoon. So this is how a serial runway obsessive add the picture to a special folder of the season pieces you want, you go into the store and harass your favourite sales assistant until they tell you they've only just got the buying book and that your name is added to the size list and you'll get the call when they come in. You walk past your favourite stores religiously and also as it is on the road you work on...panic because they're in the store window but no one has contacted you and then your mind goes into complete overdrive and you sob because you think they've forgotten your obsessive compulsive stalker face but in reality the Visual team are just doing their job and getting your attention. Cue a sea of online websites selling what you want and selling out within hours before you see your emails, you return to the boutique who at this point think you're insane but kinda cute too but they only have the satin version which make you look like you have a serious case of boat feet (never ever EVER take the judgement of others, if you feel your feet look big, you make the decision), everyone you message a picture to tells you you're being a dick because they're ugly, but in your heart you know they're wrong they just haven't seen the leather versions, you later remember that you really don't care if your friends don't like them.(Dear friends I love and value your opinions more than you know. No shade just pure love) its your money. You don't buy the satin because in all honesty desperation is not our middle name...perfection is. Doubt sits in your mind...due to asking people what they think...then that moment you see what you knew was right.....and it's love. pure addictive love. The right size, right colour, right material and overall you know you will eat like a bird just to sleep in them. 

My process.

Welcome to my world.

So...this is exactly how it went when I bought my Gucci Dionysus bag. Everyone hated it out of my friends, Gucci is still regarded Chavy by people who have their head stuck in the wrong time frame...let's move along with the times Alessandro is here. Although I am happy if the commercial buyers of this world are still scared of a little GG's retro, no one is expecting you to walk out the house a la Daniella Westbrook style. Subtle is key. I do not deny that I couldn't agree with Gucci pre Michele, I had bought the odd few bags before this (my soho disco and my lady web) under the sheer fact I knew Alessandro had his hands all over these, the pre AM was not my cuppa. Frieda had taken the brand to a stagnant point of bronze boredom, Alessandro literally blossomed like the floral arrangements on the two-piece suits. Now this is what I want. I live my life searching for the perfect vintage rings, the perfect vintage style tops. and lets not forget who doesn't want to walk around in fur slip ons? If you don't then you seriously don't know what you're missing and I suggest continuing that love affair for Louboutin….

Thanks for reading.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Monogrmmed Perfection

Who doesn't love Monogrammed pieces? I sure as hell do. It kinda makes a piece a little more personal and forever. That's what I have always felt about monogrammed pieces.

When I first saw the Burberry show in September last year, I like the rest of the world fell in love with the monogrammed nylon back packs. Cute and lightweight...winning combination. I wasn't going to purchase the bag because I am lucky to have Two Chanel backpacks (Burgundy leather and my graffiti one) so I didn't feel the need to add another to my collection, despite it being so cute. Enter London Fashion Week and seeing everyone cool totting one around, monogrammed and plain! I stood my ground and said no despite walking in with work colleagues who ordered theirs. I felt a little left out but I knew it was best.

So a week after minor sobbing over me being sensible...My best friend Gaspard told me to pick up his Burberry order before heading to Paris for PFW. I sighed, I huffed, listened to a lecture on how he ALWAYS picks me up in Paris, then I went to get it.

He only went and ordered it for me!!!!! Cue the gushing, blushing and squealing in the middle of Regent Street Burberry. The box was HUGE for what was inside and the sales assistant nearly made me go on the Eurostar carrying a giant box until I convinced him it would indeed fit in a carrier bag. I must add, I was so blindsided by this, my wonderful friend Gaspard is beyond the perfect human and never asks for anything off me but my friendship. Apparently this is our 4 year anniversary present. I'll accept it as a "thanks for being my mate" present and shall continue to extort luxury items off him to pay for my friendship (I am laughing very hard as I write this...I am humble and pretty sure I am the craziest person to befriend!).

Just look at the details!

What do you guys thinks?

Thanks for reading 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Vuitton Vibes

I am very lucky when it comes to my work attire, I get to wear almost anything I want from jeans to trainers, I'm in them all week so I never really have a "off duty" look. I usually dress for my mood and comfort, one day I can be in leather pants, another is a cheeky legging day or a dress, jogger days are kept for my hangover days! 

This is usually one of my more relax looks wearing my Parka. 
I have had this Burberry Parker for 4 years now. I was so lucky with this purchase as I found it in Bicester Village for a shocking £150 from £900!!!! The quality of this coat has maintained from the day I bought it. It is my go to coat for those wet and grim, as is this amazing cable knit Monki jumper. Monki had some lovey knitwear pieces this winter season, I was lucky to enough to stock up on them during the sale (thanks late winter!)

I had these Louis Vuitton Palm Canyon boots for Christmas. These were on my wishlist from the moment the cruise collection was shown in Palm Springs (Bob Hopes incredible house to be exact.) My love affair with the new LV is well documented among my friends. What can I say, I hero worship Nicolas Ghesquiere. 
In the space of two months I have added two Givenchy bags to my collection. This wasn't intentional. I found my floral Pandora in the Harrods sale for £250. Bargain I know! But I knew I wanted to add a Antigona to my collection last year after seeing my best friend Marie with a dark red mini. I have a weakness for grey bags, but I am fussy over leathers and this is just the perfect tone and a grained leather. It is deceptively big, it fits more or less my everyday needs including my kindle.

Coat- Burberry
Jumper- Monki
Jeans- Topshop Joni's
Boots- Louis Vuitton
Bag- Givenchy Antigona 
Rings- Gucci
Necklace- Louis Vuitton
Hat- Gucci