Monday, 21 March 2016

Monogrmmed Perfection

Who doesn't love Monogrammed pieces? I sure as hell do. It kinda makes a piece a little more personal and forever. That's what I have always felt about monogrammed pieces.

When I first saw the Burberry show in September last year, I like the rest of the world fell in love with the monogrammed nylon back packs. Cute and lightweight...winning combination. I wasn't going to purchase the bag because I am lucky to have Two Chanel backpacks (Burgundy leather and my graffiti one) so I didn't feel the need to add another to my collection, despite it being so cute. Enter London Fashion Week and seeing everyone cool totting one around, monogrammed and plain! I stood my ground and said no despite walking in with work colleagues who ordered theirs. I felt a little left out but I knew it was best.

So a week after minor sobbing over me being sensible...My best friend Gaspard told me to pick up his Burberry order before heading to Paris for PFW. I sighed, I huffed, listened to a lecture on how he ALWAYS picks me up in Paris, then I went to get it.

He only went and ordered it for me!!!!! Cue the gushing, blushing and squealing in the middle of Regent Street Burberry. The box was HUGE for what was inside and the sales assistant nearly made me go on the Eurostar carrying a giant box until I convinced him it would indeed fit in a carrier bag. I must add, I was so blindsided by this, my wonderful friend Gaspard is beyond the perfect human and never asks for anything off me but my friendship. Apparently this is our 4 year anniversary present. I'll accept it as a "thanks for being my mate" present and shall continue to extort luxury items off him to pay for my friendship (I am laughing very hard as I write this...I am humble and pretty sure I am the craziest person to befriend!).

Just look at the details!

What do you guys thinks?

Thanks for reading 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Vuitton Vibes

I am very lucky when it comes to my work attire, I get to wear almost anything I want from jeans to trainers, I'm in them all week so I never really have a "off duty" look. I usually dress for my mood and comfort, one day I can be in leather pants, another is a cheeky legging day or a dress, jogger days are kept for my hangover days! 

This is usually one of my more relax looks wearing my Parka. 
I have had this Burberry Parker for 4 years now. I was so lucky with this purchase as I found it in Bicester Village for a shocking £150 from £900!!!! The quality of this coat has maintained from the day I bought it. It is my go to coat for those wet and grim, as is this amazing cable knit Monki jumper. Monki had some lovey knitwear pieces this winter season, I was lucky to enough to stock up on them during the sale (thanks late winter!)

I had these Louis Vuitton Palm Canyon boots for Christmas. These were on my wishlist from the moment the cruise collection was shown in Palm Springs (Bob Hopes incredible house to be exact.) My love affair with the new LV is well documented among my friends. What can I say, I hero worship Nicolas Ghesquiere. 
In the space of two months I have added two Givenchy bags to my collection. This wasn't intentional. I found my floral Pandora in the Harrods sale for £250. Bargain I know! But I knew I wanted to add a Antigona to my collection last year after seeing my best friend Marie with a dark red mini. I have a weakness for grey bags, but I am fussy over leathers and this is just the perfect tone and a grained leather. It is deceptively big, it fits more or less my everyday needs including my kindle.

Coat- Burberry
Jumper- Monki
Jeans- Topshop Joni's
Boots- Louis Vuitton
Bag- Givenchy Antigona 
Rings- Gucci
Necklace- Louis Vuitton
Hat- Gucci