Thursday, 25 September 2014

Shoreditch days

Evening all, I am currently writing this blog post from the comfort of my apartment in Paris. It's been a busy few days and on top of Paris Fashion Week madness I have come down with the flu. BOOOOOO! But I will not let that get me down or stop me from doing my job which lead to me getting a vitamin shot early this morning along with an IV drip all before heading to the Carven SS15 show. Enough of the self pity because I love my job, I love Paris and I am lucky I work for a company who look after me.

I can't believe I am so behind on posting my outfit shoots. I love this look. As you all know from my previous posts I am PRO DENIM. Jeans, dresses, shorts, and dungarees you name it I have it. Just call me the Welsh Pakistani Alexa Chung (in my sweet fashion dreams). This dress is meant to be a tunic, but me being who I am skinny legs and big hips went a size up for the extra length. Also I am still in my 20's so why not flash a bit of flesh to the scensters in Shoreditch?! I love this floral print, Dorothy Perkins have really upped their game and I am obsessed with constantly checking the site for new pieces. 

This Chanel necklace has to be my most worn piece of Chanel jewellery. EVER. This is from the Dallas collection and I had my reservations about this, was it too big, was it too brashy?. That is certainly not the case now! It's been worn nearly every day this summer. What is more ironic is I use to tell myself I was all gold and no silver and now I like to mix both colours and have learnt to appreciate Silver. Maybe it's an age thing? Like learning to appreciate olives and red wine ;)

I cannot express the happiness  I felt when I got these Pearl sandals in the Chanel summer sale. These are a size 41.5 and were ordered in for me because my usual 41 was too small. At the time of them coming out I couldn't justify them as a purchase when they were so delicate and definitely for more special occasions. All I have to say is it was just meant to be because they went half price AND they were the only pair not to sell in the whole of Europe. PLUS I was lucky enough to buy all my sale pieces before sale day. How amazing? The shoe gods were on my side. I am still gonna pamper these like a baby, you don't often find Chanel perfection like this so it's nice to keep these for events and summer evenings. I thought this was the perfect outfit for their first outing. 

Where do I start with the Fendi By The Way. I fell in love with this bag as soon as I saw this go down the runway in the AW14 collection and was eager to see it and try it out. Like I have always told you guys, I always take my time choosing a bag, especially after spending my youth buying bags for the sake of it (i.e I lived at home and spent all my wages on Mulberry!). Now I buy for quality, value and a classic add to my collection. Gone are the days I would cave to a new Mulberry bag. I got to preview the Fendi when the Bond street flagship store reopened. I waited a few months knowing Ramadan was around the corner and knew more colours would be available and a chance of mama and papa buying it as my Eid present. THEY DID!!!! I chose the grey because I love the use of 3 tones of grey for the bag and I love grey I feel it is an essential colour in everyones wardrobe modern and chic. I sealed the deal of knowing this is a bag for life by getting my initials monogrammed on the tag, a cute touch Fendi like to add to their bags. Since buying this I haven't stopped using it. I am eager to buy another because it is the perfect bag, just like a Celine Trio or a classic Chanel

Dress- Dorothy Perkins (Similar Here)
Sunglasses- Dior SoReal (Buy Here)
Sandals- Chanel 
Bag- Fendi By the Way (Buy Here)
Fur Bag Moster- Fendi (Similar Here)
Necklace-Chanel (Similar Here)

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

'Dem Parisian Vibes

I cannot express how much I love these 2 books at the moment. As told by wonderful Parisian friends, I do not need a book to tell me how to be a Parisian wherever I am because I am already one. The best compliment ever, especially from  REAL Parisians! But hey! I wanted to support my style crush, favourite person in my Chanel family, Caroline de Maigret and her amazing group of girlfriends who are lending all their tips to every woman out there that is interested in embracing that Jane Birkin attitude.

The book isn't just a how to be, it is full of funny quips, tips, friendship, the perfect dinner table conversation (with a matching menu to accompany it), how to have a successful affair oh and how to turn men on with a simple Burberry trench. That's right, no longer will I envy the Charlotte Gainsbourg wannabes in my clique, I WILL BE THAT WOMAN!

I genuinely couldn't recommend a more chic and funny read for my little fashionistas. 

I also wanted to share with you the amazing new Chanel Art book which is due for world launch in mid October. If you can remember back in October 2013, the Spring Summer 2014 show was all about the artistic Chanel girl. The set was full of amazing art pieces which have been documented in this book. It is a must have for any coffee table book collectors/ Chanel fans. I'm very lucky to have my copy before launch and I am proud owner of a first edition too. Each piece for me is so special and I love looking back and remembering my memories from the days leading up to the show and the day.

I love this look, I really think my style adapts all the time. My current obsession since early this year has been duster coats. I wanted a nice thick one for autumn, something I could wrap up. This trench duster is my dream jacket. It's a gorgeous length and cut beautifully. Thank you once again Monki.

My Mansur tote has been the best addition to my bag collection this year. Thanks mum and dad for this! I knew I wanted the tote after buying my bucket bag in March. I wasn't however sure if black was needed in my collection, but as any person looking for a Mansur Gavriel knows, it is hard to find the bag in the first place so I cannot even imagine the stress my parents went through to get this but all I know is Net-A-Porter were a fantastic help. As for my doubts, completely out the window. I love this bag so much it's hard not to use it when it is perfection.

The Chanel Dallas sneakers are just the cutest. These capture the collection perfectly, on top of that it really adds a pop to any basic outfit. Ive noticed with Chanel sneakers the best style for myself is low tops to show off my skinny ankles. These in the high top were cute but god I am so glad they weren't in my size because these have made me so happy. They stand out for themselves in my ever growing sneakers collection. 

Thanks for reading guys.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Nail, Nail, Nails!

 Evening everyone, 

It has been one busy busy week emotionally and work wise. Today the Chanel AW13 Shopping Centre collection launched in the UK. Of course that meant one thing today…SNEAKER FRENZY. I'm glad I got mine before they hit the shop floor because they practically sold out within 2 hours in Bond Street. I was meant to be around for London Fashion Week but family comes first so I am typing this from Wales! As much as I will miss the vibe around Somerset House, I will still be in Paris for fashion week. I love the vibe in Paris and I actually love my busy schedule building up to show day!

It's been a while since I've done a beauty post, despite buying so much beauty the majority of the year (yes I succumbed to the YSL nasa foundation and I am a huge fan!). I really wanted to share 2 new brands that have brought out products that has upped the beauty game.

I would bombard you with pretty pictures of the nail polish collection at Christian Louboutin but I already know you have all seen that by now. The bottle is so amazing and shaped like the heels. I was sceptical at first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to be a part of this bandwagon. However I convinced myself I needed the classic red sole varnish in the dark black bottle. Sadly they are sold out in the UK and online. It's best to ask the girls when they expect a delivery in all the shop boutiques, Harrods Shoe heaven, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols (also online). I was a bit disappointed with the lack of classic red, though having spoke to the sales assistant about the other tones I found 2 colours that really popped  for me:



J'adore these 2 tones. My addiction to grey nail polish is steering way out of control. I have a varied selection of grey tones from Dior, Chanel, Essie to now Christian Louboutin because it's such a nice neutral tone for all seasons and super chic. On top of that, white nails don't really look good on me so it's my attempt at minimalist nails. The green is a hard colour to come by in the world of decent nail polishes. They either come out too blue or you have to add to many coats which make it thick and gloopy. 

The best thing about the Louboutin polishes is that you only need 1 coat maybe 2 max for a deeper look. I was surprised when I was told the nail polish is made in the states and the bottle in France. The longevity of the polish depends on your top coat. They suggest their own due to the brush technology etc but I used my standard go to top coat- Nails Inc Caviar. It went well with the polish but did chip within 3 days. Apparently with the Louboutin topcoat your nails stay chip free for up to a week. I guess if you have £35 to spare on a top coat it's worth a go. 

The second dose of beauty I wanted to share (coincidently bought the same day as the Louboutin nail colours) was the newly launched Alexa Chung range for Nails Inc…Oh and the amazing new Kale range.

This is an exciting new product launched by the company. Alexa has incorporated her love of Nails Inc colours and textures in with the brand relaunch. Her nail range ranges from a silky finish, lace finish, leather finish to actual kale based nail colours which provide you with all the vitamins and benefits of Kale. How amazing right? Nails just got fresh pressed ;)

I love Nails Inc, so I really wanted to try the new Kale base coat. WOW. It is simply amazing and I can feel the benefits after changing my nails over 3 times (I do my own nails 2-3 times a week). You'll also notice I went with another forest green! I know 2 in 1 day. What are the chances?! This is one of the Kale based varnishes. I am excited to try it as soon as possible.

My second choice was the Alexa Cashmere. Like I said before, I absolutely love neutral tones, especially from my loyal nail brands. This is a tone I haven't had from Nails Inc so was eager to add it. It's currently in front of me ready to be put on! I will defiantly let you all know the outcome of these nail colours in my next post.

I also wanted to share with you my new hand care regime because these 2 new products have changed my hands, and will be my saviour in the coming winter. Lush is definitely the place to go for some seriously delectable results. 

The cuticle butter is something I came across in Paris 2 weeks ago. That's right I went to lush in Marais Paris. The reason? Well my brother is a Lush fanatic, myself however I only venture into Lush at Christmas for my guilty pleasure, snow fairy! The prettiest and fragrant shower gel ever. However I was desperate to moisturise my hands before heading to the festival in Paris and he needed a product. I went in only wanting a quick fix but ended up talking with the very nice parisian sales assistant and left with the butter. At first I wasn't sure if I bought it because of her charms or because my hands actually felt and smelt good. My hands needed something so after 2 days of applying it on the cuticles all my cuts and dry skin around my cuticles had gone. This product is a must. I haven't fallen this hard since the Crabtree and Evelyne hand creams. Its perfect and long lasting with actual results.

The Rub Rub Rub is an exfoliating shower scrub. However I use this for my hands twice a week (oh and my feet). It leaves your hands feeling tingly and refreshed. It maintains all the hard work you do to moisturise your dry hands and deal with the cuts around your cuticles. 

I would love to know what you guys think. If you have any tips to share or have tried these products I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Summer Breeze

Oh wow, I didn't realise that I had fallen so behind on my outfit posts! But hey it's better to have them out there than to not post them right? I cannot express how obsessed I am with this Topshop skirt. When I first saw it on the advert campaign I didn't think it would be a skirt that would flatter my huge hips but when I saw it in the shop I had to give it a try. The print was too mouthwatering not to give a chance. I ultimately knew that the matching bralet wouldn't be a go for me so I left that to the more adventurous and smaller boobed Topshop girl! The skirt and me immediately bonded in the changing room and I strode out happily beating the wide hiped gods! I knew this would be the perfect outfit to wear for the boyfriends birthday because it is an easy dress up-dress down kinda skirt. Plus it embodies the whole SS14 Dior look! I know that you'll see this skirt again in the winter paired with a crisp shirt!

It was easy to know straight away that I would use my Celine Trio in lipstick to match the skirt. I have been a Trio fan for a while now and I cannot emphasis how brilliant they are and perfect for day to night looks. Plus the practicality of them is perfection. I definitely recommend adding one of these to your handbag wardrobe. 

My Eiffel Tower sandals from Charlotte Olympia are still going strong! If someone had told me last year that I would wear these so much, I would of tried to find a second pair. As shoes that have been worn to death go, I expect these to last one more summer before having to take its place under my bed to rest for special occasions. I will not dwell on their impending retirement. I won't. 

You all know how much I love my Dior sunnies. These have been my go to all season and probably forever, This even counts for my Chanel Paris- Dallas pieces. This necklace is currently my favourite along with my giant silver one from the dallas collection. I always check jewellery in Chanel and evaluate their vintage value in the future. Not all Chanel jewellery is a good idea post season. 

T-shitrt- Topshop
Skirt- Topshop
Sandals- Charlotte Olympia
Bag- Celine Trio
Necklace- Chanel Paris Dallas Coleection
Sunglasses- Dior SoReal

Thanks for reading guys!