Thursday, 30 January 2014

Chanel Sneaker Mania.

Hey guys,

The last year has seen the rise of Chanel. I know what you're all thinking, it's always been at the top of its game, you can't argue that Chanel isn't at the front of luxury branding. It's got to the point that the Heathrow terminal 3 boutique has stopped selling classic bags due to the tax free shopping and the popularity. But it's not just about the classic bags any more or the simple ballerinas, it's everything. Jewellery, bags, shoes, ready to wear oh and sneakers…yep sneakers.

Last week saw Karl Lagerfeld most cutting edge couture show. It was spectacular because there were NO HEELS! Proof that Chanel knows what us the consumers want, and of course the creme de la creme of fashion, the Haute Couture clients. The show was spectacular as always. Sébastien Tellier played a live set while the models dressed in the modern silhouette of nipped in waists, pastel colour pallets and the cutest knee pads ever to come down a couture catwalk (I'm pretty sure the only catwalk). Pre heading onto the catwalk the models were told to have fun and they did, making faces and skipping along. All in the name of the modern woman.

I am so happy that sneakers are "cool" again, I've always had a soft spot for them, being a Converse, Nike, Vans fan from a young age you kinda can't stray away from the comfort of a good sneaker/skater. Plus i cannot wear heels to save my life. It's not just Chanel who have embraced the new fashion world of sneakers, they were also shown on Dior Couture runway, Isabel Marant brought her name to commercial fame thanks to her hidden heel sneakers, Lanvin with their snake trainers and Miu Miu for their incredibly cool and glittery trainers with embellished toes.

Why does Chanel stand out though? Why is everyone cooing over them? Simple. They are goddamn comfortable and chic. Now these Haute Couture babies alone cost £3000, and if that price tag doesn't sting enough there, you'll be even more teary when you find out you can only buy these babies with the whole outfit. Yep I wanna to cry too.

Fear not thought Chanel offer a lot of alternatives, and have confirmed that will release similar versions of the couture in a cheaper price range.

I'm always kicking myself when it comes to buying a pair. Last year I left an incredible pair of cut out lace hi-top sneakers in navy despite my sister (the frugal shopper) telling me to buy them. In December when cruise collection launched I was so ill I didn't buy a pair of the all back running sneakers that my beautiful friend Melissa kept behind for me, I was determined that I looked awful in them and walked away with a pair of leather espadrilles and seasonal ballerinas. FOOL. Oh and do not start me on the tweed runners…they were so late arriving to the UK that we didn't even get all the sizes!

The ones that ran away...

So when I came across a pair that I fell head over heels for it was a no brainer NOT to make the same mistake THRICE. What I must stress also is, how amazing and wonderful my boyfriend is for buying these for Valentines day for me. I am one lucky princess...

I am so besotted with these, I've been allowed to have them early to take on my holiday to Seoul and Kuala Lumpur (5 DAYS EEEEK). The quality is perfection and the added detail of the pearls just kill me. I wouldn't mind the matching bag with the sneakers now hehe. 

I was so torn between these and the Camélia sneakers from Cruise collect. Hand crafted Camélia perfection. The stripes bring an added touch of fun and youth to them:

These beautiful lace versions are also available in limited quantity. Delicate in the soft lace used and an adaptation of the Couture show from September 2013, these are not a pair to be stood on…these need a taxi.

Are you guys down the with the sneaker phase in fashion?

Thanks for reading guys.

Lots of Love


Monday, 27 January 2014

My Travel Edit: Bring on Seoul and Malaysia.

Evening all,

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. I am now starting my countdown to my holiday. In October  (2013) the sister and I booked our flights to Seoul and Kuala Lumpur as they were amazingly cheap and we wanted to make our own itinerary and not a tour or resort holiday. I have been really lucky to have seen some amazing parts of the world so I am really excited to add Seoul and Kuala Lumpur to my places I've visited.

So what we didn't take into account was the weather. Seoul is going to be in the minus (judging from advanced weather reports -1 should be the worst) and 30-40 in KL and Penang. Talk about weather change. So a nice mixture of wardrobe is essential.

I am in full travel mode now, packing, perfect luggage (maximise all that vintage shopping in Seoul!), pouches, handbags, shoes oh and of course the outfits!

Here are some of my travel essentials-

Kipling Teagan S Cabin  (On sale on the Kipling website).

The quest for the perfect cabin bag can always be trying especially when you're doing a long distance holiday, you need to maximise every baggage allowance as possible. I really recommend the Kipling range, it is excellent, sturdy, practical and value for money. There is a few different designs in the cabin range but i went with the 2 wheeled Teagan. It has 2 compartments which can be zipped into one and even if you do not have a full bag it will fold up until it's full to capacity.

I am pouch obsessed. I love to make sure everything i need is in the right pouch you don't ever want to be that person who pulls every item of clothing and tesco bag out of their luggage just to find the smallest things. I am also in love with transparent makeup bags for holidays. It makes the process at airport security hassle free and tres chic. Here are some beauties i found:

Everyone needs a good travel pillow. I invested in this cute and comfy Cath Kidston pillow as we will be travelling for 24 hours. Suitable ones are also available in Debenhams, John Lewis, any supermarket or a nice budget but comfy one Primark.

Come Snow or Shine sunglasses are a holiday essential. I am obsessed with Ray Ban like any normal sunglasses hag and Miu Miu of course. Currently on my duty free shopping list are these babies:

Chanel Chain Cat Eyes Sunglasses- Various sunglasses websites/ Chanel Boutique £320

Let's not forget a good Bikini/ Tankini. I have been blessed with what one would say a good rack ;) so I like to look for a good swimming costume with support and a reasonable price. The Kelly Brook for New Look range is absolutely brilliant. They are always selling out. I also recommend Boux Avenue. Here are ones I loved:

Denim shorts have become holiday staples, from boyfriend style to short hot pants style. You could either spend the mega bucks on a pair or go high street. Both are equally as good as one another as i find it's personal fit and not the label. I myself love the denim shorts from River Island and New Look.

Mila Distressed Shorts- Rag & Bone £150 Via Net-a-Porter

Every pair of shorts need an equally cute T-Shirt/ Shirt...

Cotton Tiger T-Shirt- Kenzo via Net-a-porter and Kenzo

Check Frill Hem Tee- Topshop £36

Printed Split Tee- Topshop £36

Over sized Denim Shirt- River Island £35

I love a good denim shirt, a nice alternative to a cardigan, easy to throw over a dress or a t-shirt. This online exclusive from River Island is super cute. 

Everyone needs a good dress on holiday, I find them the most easiest thing to wear and most flattering too especially with a nice necklace or a thin belt. Here are my go to picks from day to night dresses and playsuits:

Jungle Print T-Shirt Dress- Carven £180 Via  My-Wardrobe.

Patch Work Denim Dress- Band Of Outsiders £350 Via My-Wardrobe.

Oh and i am obsessed with this Carven skirt:

Jungle Print Skirt- Carven £210 Via My-Wardrobe.

Ooo and let's not forget the footwear! I am obsessed with sandals, especially as the weather here has forced us all in boots and wellies. It's a nice change to think of espadrilles and sandals:

Crystal Embellished leather Sandals- Marni £260 Via Net-a-porter

I love these, I think they are such an investment piece. Marni have upped their creative game especially in the shoe department. This is a timeless style durable day-to night.

Chanel Sandals and Espadrilles- Price varies in Chanel Boutiques, Selfridges and Harrods. 

I am in LOVE with my mint green find from 2 weeks ago.

The Burgundy pair are coming with me eeeek!

If you have some cash to splash these new Havaianas neon camouflage-print flip-flops for Valentino have just landed on Net-a-Porter…In Pink and Yellow at £170. J'adore.

I cannot wait to share with you my pictures on holiday and my outfit posts along the way. Has anyone got any holidays coming up? I love to hear about everyone adventures and love sharing some travel tips. Especially with packing! If anyone wants to come and help me you'll find me knee deep in shoes and bags the weekend coming!!!

Thanks for reading guys! 

Lots of love