Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow and Dior Couture

Evening all :)

How's everyone doing today? It's the end of monday wahooo! Is it me or does the snow make mondays even worse?! I am over this weather and I cannot walk to work without fear of falling on my ass all week! I may just have to burry myself in the house and hibernate until the weather goes back to normal - wet and grey please!!!

This was my view on the walk up to my house on friday (I rushed home from london in fear of getting stuck and not making it home for the weekend!)

 Yep that's me having to carry my case up to my house, I live on a mountain so this is me walking up on the main road with my lovely sister who came down to meet me!

This week is gonna be a quiet work as i am based in Cardiff and hopefully i'll be seeing my partner in crime and lover Lara! A far cry from my friends in Paris who will be enjoying the Chanel Couture show tomorrow! I can't wait to see the end results! I have already seen a peek through friends being naughty and taking photos! But alas i shouldn't moan, i'll be in paris in 4 weeks :)

Talking of my favourite subject fashion, here are some of the amazing looks from the Dior Couture show today.....

Raf Simons 

I am absolutely in love with every look from this collection, I am a huge Raf fan and feel he really has cemented himself as a keeper for Dior. His arrival at Dior has been much needed as everything seems fresh and youthful which it has been lacking. I loved Galliano but not all his pieces were wearable. For me the embellished dresses to the tailored dresses over trouser look are perfect, Raf has made a couture collection wearable and not just one for us to all look and think "WTF".

SPECIAL NOTE: I love the use of opaque tights! I live in opaques so i feel me and Raf are on the same page ;)

What do you guys think of the collection, is there any couture show you're especially looking forward to this week?

Thanks for reading guys :)

Lots of love


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Les Miserables and my Wednesday wish list!

Evening everyone!
Happy hump day! How's everyone doing? Can it be the weekend please?
Tonight me and the boyfriend went to watch Les Miserables and my word it was everything I was expecting it to be and more! I have read the book and seen the production a crazy amount of times (not as much as the boyfriend!) and this was just beautiful! Eddie Redmayne, Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman really stole the movie! Anne and Hugh especially! I would love to see them win an Oscar!
Today I wore....

Jumper- Topshop
Shirt - Topshop
Leather skirt - River Island
shoes Dune
Coat Maje
Scarf Louis Vuitton Sprouse
Bag Chanel maxi
So today's Net-a-Porter drop was just so mind blowing I considered getting a loan out just to dress in head toe Saint Laurent
So here is my mid week wish/list list! Feel free to buy for me ;)

Saint Laurent stripey blazer- £1885 (love this whole look and keen to emulate it soon!)

Saint Laurent Chain trimmed leather skirt- £1505

Marni red sleeveless leather coat- £1060 (I wanna wear it like a dress!!!!)

Miu Miu cropped candy pants- £340

Carven leather biker jacket- £1260 (this season carven is proving to be my weak spot!)

Isabel Marant powder blue bayley sneakers £370 because having the red bayleys just isn't enough ;)

Acne Mape cropped leather jacket- £1000

Marni mirrored leather pumps

Christian Louboutin intern studded calf hair and patent loafers- £695

Marni colour block patent leather sandals- £430 I think these will come up high on the list as I can see myself wearing them a lot in our not so summery summer to come!
I hope everyone's having a fab evening! Until next time :) thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Isabel Marant obsession continues....

Evening guys!

How's everyone doing?

So before Christmas I was on a mad hunt for the new season Isabel Marant Bayley sneakers....or the new Bobby's in a splash of colour (last year I was so slow and didn't get online in time for the cobalt blue and red) So this time I was prepared, I have a ritual of checking Mytheresa, Net a Porter and Matches, I out my name down on the waiting list in Harvey Nichols too!

Lo and behold, Matches delivered, 1 am in the morning I purchased my red, white with blue star Isabel Marant Bayley.....and my sister ordered the purple Bobby sneakers! Christmas came early I'm the Akhtar residence!

These are now my 3rd pair (addicted much?!) I have the black bekkets and the taupe khaki Bobby's. I wouldn't mind another pair of Bobby's....I sound insane but they are so wearable and so comfortable and for a person who hates heels the hidden wedge is a dream and i Can wear them all day.

With all this grim weather I haven't had the chance to wear them (I really don't want to get the white parts dirty) so this week was the first time I wore them...

Galactic Jumper- Topshop
Jeans- Topshop
Bag- Chanel

I would like some nice dry weather now because I am are some more of the colour variations and style ideas for the new Marants....

My sisters Bobby's

God I love Ashley Madewke.....STYLE CRUSH!!!!! Big things for this awesome actress this year! Loved this girl sice Secret Diary Of a Call Girl

What do you guys think of the sneakers? Are you a fan?

Thanks for reading guys :)