Sunday, 8 May 2016

All Black...

Back on the bloggersphere after an amazing month of travelling to Japan and Cuba (lets not forget I live in-between London and Paris!) so I am so happy to actually be settling back to some normality and putting this blog post up!

Let's be honest this look is still relevant to the weather because it has just been so shit! I am praying this good weather sticks around now. At least give us the chance to put these long coats away?! Anyway, that's my quintessential English weather moment over…lets focus on the fact I am so massively, totally, utterly madly in love with Gucci. 

Since the moment Alessandro showed his first show (This time last year) I have been on the Gucci change to greatness train. It went from love to a pure and utter obsession, I now stalk the website for brand new updates and pre orders (yes even the pre-orders are hard to get hold of!) I must admit my passion to stay ahead of the Gucci pack has been on top form. I don't brag when I say I literally had no doubts this would be a fashion revolution. When I bought my Dionysus bag (in a non printed GG because I knew that it would be harder to get hold of rather than the GG which would be a constant in the gucci collection, and it has been.) no one wanted to know, everyone said it was nice but just a phase, roll on a year later and they are in constant demand, sold out and released in alternative sizes and colours. I should also mention how EVERY "IT" blogger has it because another blogger bought it but of course the reasoning would never ever be inner circle competition at all *insert eye roll here*. Back to the shoes...I adore these shoes so bloody much. They are beyond comfortable and the details make me swoon. That is what I love about Gucci, the attention to details and the ability to differ itself from the rest of the fashion pack. It truly follows no trend but the passion and love of art. I would love to absorb myself in Alessandro Michele head! Since buying these I have worn them so much the leather have soften. These look great with dresses and jeans and can definitely be dressed up or down. 

Oh and this is howI maximise my Gucci buys- I use the ribbon as a chocker! I am currently obsessed with chokers all over again. According to my mother she's having major flash backs to my Buffy phase (I would like to note I still take tips from Buffy! She rocked a camisole!). All I am gonna say is, give me more chokers and my Dior sunnies this summer!

Gucci loving over (it truly never is over!), you all know I like my quirky pieces to be the stand out piece, I think the details lie in accessories. I do however make sure I buy key essential pieces now like this polka dot shirt from New Look. I bought this originally in burgundy, then this black then grey. Yep, I love it, before i went crazy with the other colours, I did test the burgundy out (wear, wash and wear again) and it passed. I use to spend too much money on fast fashion and constantly use to moan to my mum about not having enough for designer pieces I wanted. I have learned from my job and experience it isn't about the quantity of your wardrobe but the quality. Something I live by now, that doesn't mean high street is out of the equation. No. You just have to be savvy and know what trend you will hold on to past the actual trends sell by date. I.e Polka dot shirts! 

I definitely apply my essential buys to my jeans. Everyone who knows me knows I have the biggest weakness for denim. If I had it my way this blog would be named "Diary of a double denim queen" but that would get boring quite quickly. I swear by Topshop Joni jeans. I have had cheap jeans and expensive jeans. I do love current elliot jeans and Frame, but Topshop is my ultimate go to. I have had so many issues with jeans, for some reasons MOST hight street stores seem to believe the bigger the waist the fatter the legs…hmmm! Thanks Topshop for the best jeans!

This Chanel is beyond cute and amazing. This was one of my christmas presents from the cruise collection. This is such a cute and boxy shape, and it fits so so much in. The chain is actually grosgrain rather than leather so I like to treat this little lambskin beauty safe!

Coat- Topshop
Top- New Look
Jeans- Topshop
Handbag- Chanel
Shoes- Gucci
Necklace- Louis Vuitton
Choker- Gucci Ribbon 
Sunglasses- Dior SOReal
Scarf- Louis Vuitton

Thanks for reading!