Sunday, 21 October 2012

Mini bag fever...

Evening everyone :)

How's everyones weekend been? I hope everyone made the most of the beautiful autumn sunshine!!!

I have been obsessed for a while now with Mini bags. EVERYONE is doing Mini bags, Chanel, Miu Miu, Prada, Mulberry, Celine...the list goes on!

My favourite of course has to be the Chanel (Methinks i am gonna go take a few for a whirl this week).

Alexa Chung Rocking a mini Chanel.

Julianne Moore and Keira Knightley 

Gwyneth Paltrow with the blue mini with gems. 

Right now i am still waiting on the Chanel velvet boy bag to hit the Chanel shelves! Since interning at Chanel and being around these 24/7 i have been determind to find one, every boutique i have asked have had 100s of women asking when the bag will be arriving....even the HQ staff have to get in the queue! 

And this is why....

Leigh Lezark 

The bag comes in Fuchsia Pink, Purple, Green, Blue and yellow.....I WANT ONE NOW!!!!!

Some more mini's on the shelf right now.....


Miu Miu


Small Lily with tiger plaque 

Small Bryn (4 colours available this season)

Small Del Rey (Coming soon to Mulberry)

Small Bayswater

Small Lily with chain and exotic tweed.

Mini Alexa

Alexa with her Bryn!

What do you guys think of the mini bag trend? We loving it? Hating it? I would love to hear your opinions :) 

Thanks for reading lovelies!


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Forever Crazy London

Evening all!

My apologies for such a lack of blog post recently! Since coming back from Paris my week has been non stop so I was excited to just relax and finally have a evening out with the other half to Forever Crazy.

For those of you who are not aware of the show, it's actually the Crazy Horse Show which is from the land of cabaret and burlesque...Paris!

The show is celebrating its 60th year and celebrated by bringing the show to London with a pop up theatre on the south bank!

The Parisian show is infamous, not just for its use of its red soles (oh the Louboutins were amazing!!!) but for its use of music and unique dance routines! And well of course the nakedness! More recently they've had a lot of celebrity collaborators from the likes of Dita to Christina Aguilera.

The show really should not be mistaken for crude or smutty. It is a playful, fun and unique show which is performed by the original Parisian dancers who are absolutely talented!

I really really recommend this to everyone! It is on until the 22nd December and you can book tickets Here

For the evening I wore
Dress- leather oasis.
Blazer- Zara
Necklace- Anna Dello Russo for H&M
Scarf- Louis Vuitton Sprouse current AW
Shoes Christian Louboutins
Bag Louis Vuitton

Enjoying a French Martini.

The new Loubs! Beautiful! But painful! Perfection!

Has anyone else seen the show or planning to go?