Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Chanel Graffiti Sac à Dos.

Evening everyone,

As a lot of you know by now I am a Chanel Fanatic! It doesn't help that I am surrounded by it 24/7 but I guess that is just an excuse really ;) But I have recently been shoe obsessed so bags haven't really been on my radar...My last Chanel bag was a special one, a classic boy bag. I am big on classics. My whole collection is a pallet of red, beige and black with the odd electric blue. So when I saw the Chanel Graffiti Backpack pre runway in October 2013 for Spring Summer 14 I just knew boundaries had to be brake just like the collection to allow something so amazing...

Obviously from October to Now, March, is a long time to wait, but in true addictive manner I placed my name on a ever growing list with my beautiful girl Melissa at the end of December. This was one of those "You can't skip the queue" pieces! Wave goodbye to the thought of walking into Chanel and expecting it on the shop floor. The closest one will get to this bag (if not on the list with your sales assistant) is admiring A) A client trying on the backpack, B) On the Mannequin.
You can imagine the network of Chanel friends I have through out the UK stores, everyone was on standby for me and I finally got my call Monday to confirm I wanted it. Sadly I was stuck in meetings with my friend sending me photos of the one I wanted so she could keep it on hold until Tuesday afternoon.

My poor friend, looking back at the texts I bombarded her so much (good thing too, her colleagues tried to have it for their clients!) even i would be annoyed. But it was worth it. Monday night was a tense one with exciting anticipation. Come Tuesday (yesterday) I worked my little booty and ran to pick my bag up.

Obviously it was a no brainer. I know a lot of people will see it as a lot of money wasted on canvas but i genuinely think the value of this will exceed the price of what i pay. How many backpacks will come from a collection inspired by an art with an art exhibition runway?!
Bringing it home was fun...In a giant bag fit to make me look like I actually had looted a Chanel store, or a walking millionaire, I sat on the tube from Bond Street to Stratford pre rushour clutching onto it with my dear life! Don't worry guys she (yes it's a she) got home in one pieces and we waited patiently for Alan to come home to document my happiness!

I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 It was nice to document the arrival of a new Chanel in the family. I've been buying Chanel since I was 18 (younger if you count me buying with my mum and sister in London and Heathrow terminal 3 pre summer holidays to Pakistan.) but no one has ever captured my reactions. Every bag i buy and bring home gets the same rush of adrenaline...I am a junky!
Just look at the detailing...

Obsessed with the quilted back and Chanel Luggage tag.

I made the most of the camera being out- My Outfit of the day:
Leopard Shirt- Primark
Jeans- J Brand
Tweed Cardigan- Zara
Backpack- Louis Vuitton
All Black Leather Espadrilles- Chanel


Pendant- Chanel

Rings- Cartier Love, Dad's Signet ring.
Automatic Watch- Swatch.
Bracelet- Cartier Love Bracelet.
Here is a sneak peak of the backpack in action which will be coming soon on the blog...

I would love to hear what you guys think of the backpack and the trend at the moment. Are we feeling it?
 Thanks for reading guys.




Friday, 14 March 2014

The Big Return...

Hey guys,

Finally a blog post after a busy month of travelling for pleasure and work. It's been a brilliant month of running around but I must admit I am happy to be home in London.

I'll start with my first stop, Seoul- South Korea.

A lot of people asked me why on earth was I heading to Seoul in February when the weather temperatures are typically in the minus (the highest the temperature got was -2C). Well why not, weather should never stand in the way of a new adventure. Having travelled a lot of Asia, it made sense to explore Seoul before it became the new IT place to visit (The next winter Olympics will be in Seoul) and it is a well known fact to really appreciate Japan you should visit Seoul first to appreciate and take into account both cultures. Yep next years trip will definitely be Japan. Plus knowing you're off to a warmer climate after always helps ;) .

My sister and me ended up staying by the famous Namdaemun market and the Seoul tower. This location was perfect, It was right by Seoul Central station, the links to the rest of the city were perfect and walking distance to the shopping district Myeongdong (Come on that's important right?!).

To get up to Seoul Tower you have to take 2 Cable car rides...

Outfit post were very rare in the -10 weather...Bu first day outfit post:
Dress- Topshop
Coat- Burberry Parka
Scarf- Louis Vuitton Sprouse
Boots- Chanel
Bag- Chanel

Faux Eiffel Tower.

Uncanny right?

Kiss my sister...

Mandatory Kitty photo.

Seoul's very own take on the Love Lock Bridge in Paris.

As you can see from the Seoul Tower and it's surrounding there is a lot of Parisian inspiration from a faux Eiffel Tower, to a whole corner dedicated to putting love padlocks on. It truly felt magical (and especially cold due to the high altitude). The views were simply breathtaking.


My new friends...

Souvenir for mum.


We spent the rest of our 3 days exploring the city and the ancient palaces, mixing a nice dose of Korean culture with some shopping and eating.The palaces were incredible. Set in the middle of a modern city with a back ground of the mountains. The Secret Garden tour was probably my favourite of the whole trip as you just felt like you were in Nirvana. Pure beauty and bliss.

Samsung Tower.
We also headed down to Gangnam where Samsung was born. Of course I thought I would exit the station and see everyone dancing to Gangnam style...but we didn't, although a lot of Psy endorsement around Seoul. I loved all the little signs, the country is full of cute characters for their underground and tourist spots. The underground also plays cute music when the train is arriving...London take note.


The BEST Croissant and Chantilly cream with strawberry ever.
Now down to the important part...the SHOPPING! Koreans are very much known for being petite. So clothing and shoes are hard to come by if you are size 12 (at a push) or 39 and above. However, the markets serve to deliver new and cutting edge jewellery, it was only recently both Vogue and Grazia featured pieces on fashion influences coming from Seoul, clothes and shoes. The markets are for the real bargain hunters, laden with fakes (NOT at all convincing and beware. Stay well away) cute niche items, great for wholesales and kids clothes. Oh and fur....If that's your thing. Myeondong on the other hand and a Doota (a shopping mall catering to independent designers) cater all the cutting edge fashion, local brands at reasonable prices. I was completely in awe of the clothing, especially the coats. I bought myself a beautiful Celine like coat.
High end, Luxury Shopping varies. As this is Asia there are all kind of variation of stock, certain items that do not make the cut in American or Europe so they come to Asia where luxury goods are on tap. It's a fabulous experience but be warned this comes at an escalated price due to import taxes. If you are not desperate and able to spend in your home country then I would suggest wait unless you see one of those rare Asia only items. My sister went for these Chanel pouches from Cruise collection...

Of course it snowed on our last day, which was amazing as we got to see some this year. Not only that it was refreshing to see people embrace snow and ice without dramatic news bulletins.
It was really sad to leave Seoul but it really did live up to everything Both myself and my sister wanted it to be. Beautiful in architecture modern and historical, full of Korean and western food (absolutely loved the french bakeries) and a nice variation of shopping. This technologically advanced city will definitely be on everyone list to visit.
A special note has to go out to Incheon Airport, a shopping mall in disguise. It is full of the best shops in the world...2 HERMES stores in one giant terminal. It was perfect, well stocked and temptation heaven. The stock in Chanel. Hermes and Louis Vuiton was brilliant. Also the Airport homes 2 of the coolest cafes in the world, Charlie Brown AND Hello Kitty!


 I hope you guys enjoyed the first half of my holiday posts, I will feature my post on my Kuala Lumpur and Penang trip next.