Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Punky Ballerina

I do not at all claim to be "out the fashion box" or a complete and utter fashionista. But...I fall head over heel for some quirky ass shoes. I like to think of it as my thing. I love wearing a basic outfit (honestly 90% of my wardrobe is an ode to Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen) with quirky pieces. Shoes are as you all know my ULTIMATE weakness. Shoes have a hotline to my credit card. Even my dad takes note on what shoes I wear home when I'm visiting. I love shoes. I usually don't fall for the typical Louboutin (not that there is anything wrong with them) it's not my pace or style, for me it has lost that quirky aspect, it's fallen into the commercial bracket. I love when my friends call my shoes ugly makes me feel I have achieved something great because I know our tastes differ (there are rare occasions all my friends love my shoes. That's a day our hormones aline)

So as the story of my life goes...The SS16 Miu Miu show blew me away as usual. What blew me away were the ballerinas, soft satin meets aggressive black straps with one gingham and one black wrap-round ribbon. Swoon. So this is how a serial runway obsessive works...you add the picture to a special folder of the season pieces you want, you go into the store and harass your favourite sales assistant until they tell you they've only just got the buying book and that your name is added to the size list and you'll get the call when they come in. You walk past your favourite stores religiously and also as it is on the road you work on...panic because they're in the store window but no one has contacted you and then your mind goes into complete overdrive and you sob because you think they've forgotten your obsessive compulsive stalker face but in reality the Visual team are just doing their job and getting your attention. Cue a sea of online websites selling what you want and selling out within hours before you see your emails, you return to the boutique who at this point think you're insane but kinda cute too but they only have the satin version which make you look like you have a serious case of boat feet (never ever EVER take the judgement of others, if you feel your feet look big, you make the decision), everyone you message a picture to tells you you're being a dick because they're ugly, but in your heart you know they're wrong they just haven't seen the leather versions, you later remember that you really don't care if your friends don't like them.(Dear friends I love and value your opinions more than you know. No shade just pure love) its your money. You don't buy the satin because in all honesty desperation is not our middle name...perfection is. Doubt sits in your mind...due to asking people what they think...then that moment you see what you knew was right.....and it's love. pure addictive love. The right size, right colour, right material and overall you know you will eat like a bird just to sleep in them. 

My process.

Welcome to my world.

So...this is exactly how it went when I bought my Gucci Dionysus bag. Everyone hated it out of my friends, Gucci is still regarded Chavy by people who have their head stuck in the wrong time frame...let's move along with the times Alessandro is here. Although I am happy if the commercial buyers of this world are still scared of a little GG action...it's retro, no one is expecting you to walk out the house a la Daniella Westbrook style. Subtle is key. I do not deny that I couldn't agree with Gucci pre Michele, I had bought the odd few bags before this (my soho disco and my lady web) under the sheer fact I knew Alessandro had his hands all over these, the pre AM was not my cuppa. Frieda had taken the brand to a stagnant point of bronze boredom, Alessandro literally blossomed like the floral arrangements on the two-piece suits. Now this is what I want. I live my life searching for the perfect vintage rings, the perfect vintage style tops. and lets not forget who doesn't want to walk around in fur slip ons? If you don't then you seriously don't know what you're missing and I suggest continuing that love affair for Louboutin….

Thanks for reading.