Thursday, 13 June 2013

Chanel- Paris- Edimbourg Collection

Evening all!

I hope everyone has had a lovely week, tomorrow is Friday woohoo! Pre warning this post maybe a bit long but worth every Chanel second.

So in my last post I told you guys about the launch of the biggest Chanel in the world opening on New Bond Street on Wednesday. WOW is all I have to say, having done a tour of it partially ready, I was really excited to see the store with all the stock and art pieces in! The launch coincided with the rerelease of the Paris-Edimbourg collection (the annual M├ętiers D'Art collection which was shown in Linlithgow Palace). The collection was inspired by Karl's love for Mary Queen of Scotts (apt location as it was where Mary and Queen Consort of France were born)

It was fun to go in and explore the space, it's perfection and you just feel at home, the aesthetic for the store is to capture Coco's loves, style and a homely feel. I can honestly say I want to move in, and that I'm cheating on Rue Cambon!

So here are a few snaps from inside and pieces available from a special and unique collection....

The Diamond Stag on arrival

The Handbag Bar

The exclusive perfume collections
(Situated in the new beauty section)

Essential Accesories

A vintage table, for the exotics and collectors room

The opening room to shoes department

Tweed sofas and vintage chairs

I die for the chandeliers

After you pay, you wait in a beautiful space full of art and chanel books

And now for the pretty goodies.....

I absolutely love every piece from this collection, the jumpers, the yeti bags, the chain and tartan Boy bags, the classic pearls, and the broaches are just perfection! The shoes are just mouth watering! I walked away wit these highland boot....

Now here's where my Wednesday just gets even more exciting, having interned in Paris, I've always bern the one guiding people to their seats, making sure everything is ready etc and not truly getting the Chanel experience like the guest (rightly so, it's work not pleasure right ;) ) so I was asked to join 30 exclusive guests and boutique managers for a second show of the collection! Yep I got the champagne treatment and a frow to a private showing of the collection in the new third floor exclusive area in the store (you are able to book in a private shopping experience and can explore the collection). The captured the ambiance of the collection with dimmed lights and candles, and I got my new AW inspiration (Saint Laurent take note please, this is how you do highland grunge chic!) Excuse my blurry photos, here are a few I took :)

I definitely got a lot of inspiration, this whole collation really captures my style, and love to mix girly with grunge chic!

What do you guys think of the collection, the aesthetic and the new space?! And who's going and what's on your shopping list?!

Thanks for reading guys!

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Friday, 7 June 2013

Chanel Cruise 2014.....Singapore style.

Hi guys,

Sorry for my absence on the blog, it has been a busy few weeks of working and moving. But i can finally say we are all settled into our new flat (In Stratford) and work continues to drag me back and forth between London and wales! I really can't complain though ;) 

I know this is a late post but the Chanel Cruise collection for 2014 was absolutely brilliant. Mr Lagerfeld took us to the other side of the world and debuted his cruise collection in Singapore, along with the premier of his short film 'Once Upon a Time' which stared the beautiful Keira Knightley as Coco Chanel.

I am absolutely in love with this collection, i am always a sucker for cruise collection, especially the arrival of Espadrilles, a must have for every Chanel lover (and bloggers it seems note, side note i had my espadrilles before my blog started and when they first landed hehe #justsaying) and just the crisp fresh look after a bleak winter. This cruise collection sees glamorous cricket, french preppy chic, feathers, chic flared suits, embellishment, zigzag tweeds, aztec and ANKLE BOOT ESPADRILLES! Oh and lots and lots of pearls, Mama Coco would be proud!  The colour pallet was classic, using navy, cream, staple black and white.



The big boss.... Mr Lagerfeld.

Some close ups of the pieces that went down the runway. I am a sucker for Chanel anything, but details on shoes is a killer for me and i am particularly in love with the details on the heels. I also love all the thick blue eyeliner, feather and embellished collar.

Of course with the show being in Singapore, it did not stop the lovely Chanel following celebs travelling to take their FROW seat: 

Now the short film divided audiences, some said they didn't take to Keira as Coco but i loved her. I would love to hear your opinions.

What do you guys think of the Cruise collection?
Also Chanel on Bond Street, will officially move to its new location on New Bond Street (a few doors across from Hermes) and will open on Wednesday making it the biggest in the WORLD! I can say I'm stupidly proud and blessed to be a part of the Chanel family!
Thanks for reading guys!
lots of love!
Nadia x