Monday, 6 June 2016

Chrome Time

Oof i should have posted this a while ago when I picked this little beauty up….

So as we have all gathered, I am not the biggest saver for the long haul. Over the last 2 years where I have been able to save over a few months for my dream watch I've spent it on a whole lot of other shit and kicked myself afterwards. The day after coming back from Japan I decided the money I didn't spend on holiday I would buy something nice for myself. I had my eyes on the amazing mixed materials Chanel boy bag in the chevron. I got it in a beige and I cannot express how beautiful it was. However the price wasn't beautiful and I started to panic about the money I spent on a beige bag that would most likely get stained. So I thought I would change it for the navy version of the bag, purely because I loved the concept of the bag and how different it was. The night before changing it I spoke to my mum who literally said "I don't understand why you need another bag at THAT price when you could buy your watch" It was a penny drop moment. I assumed I would have this antagonising save up mission and self restraint test coming my way but the reality was I was buying a bag the price of my watch…That is how bad the price increase has become at Chanel.

All I have to say is, I've tried this watch on constantly for the last 8 years! No joke, originally I wanted the classic black but eventually Chanel released this Chrome beauty and well I was sold. It was just a matter of when it would be sold to me. So when it came time to actually pick the watch it happened within seconds. Chrome Chanel J12. SWOOOOOON!

I won't lie, my anxiety levels raised rapidly. Do not ask me why, if I added my shoe and bag collection I think I would sit and cry. Maybe because a watch is a little more personal and so small. But for me this truly is what I've wanted to achieve in my life. I am not a greedy girl, I don't care for a selection of over the top watches and Rolex's. That isn't my style. I went with Chrome because I wanted it to go with everything I owned in silver and gold and that is the beauty of this chrome, it manipulates with what you're wearing. I want to pass this down to my children and enjoy it!

I've always witnessed the process of buying fine jewerley and watches but it was nice to be in the seat and have my little moment. Obviously sitting in that section of the store waiting for your dream purchase a list can form (dream on Nadia!). I did like the idea of the Boyfriend watch, and maybe in the future when I've achieved another goal i'll add it to my watch and one sole Chanel watch collection. But for now my pride lies in this beauty.
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