Thursday, 16 May 2013

Dior 'Birds of Paradise' SS13 Makeup collection

Evening all!

I hope everyone is having a lovely week, tomorrow is friday woohoo and that means this weekend is EUROVISION weekend! It's my not so guilty pleasure to enjoy it and i am yet to meet a person who hates it.....Please do not judge! Bonnie Tyler i wish you luck from one Welshie (and ex resident of Swansea) to another Welshie.

Yesterday the lovely Doreen came down to Cardiff to enjoy a day in the sun! Doreen i hope you enjoyed Cardiff Bay and Cardiff! We had a lot of fun doing the walking route across the bay to Penarth and even played in the Adidas Olympic sport park! Adidas if you're reading please can you install one in my garden? Thanks!

An impressive jump right? I thank my good friend Isabel Marant ;)

Doreen- Fronting the next Hermes X Adidas Campaign ;)

During our little outing we made a little visit to the Dior beauty counter to look at the new SS13 collection Birds of Paradise.

Now, I'm not the biggest Dior makeup fan as i am loyal to Chanel, However after buying the limited edition Dior X Harrods nail polish i was pretty impressed with the quality of the nail polish and loved the peacock concept behind this collection. So why not ay?

The collection is full of rich blues and pinks and even has an amazing BB bronzer limited for the summer.

I went for the 2 sets of nail polish (a pack of 2 nail polishes for £22) which are also limited edition. 

I really really love the colours, they have been paired so well, and you only need 2 light coats! Perfect! This collection is perfect but having played with the Chanel collection (due end of may) i am still a Chanel girl and can't wait to play around with the new vibrant eyeliners! 

What do you guys think of the collection? Does anyone have a preferred makeup brand or nail polish brand they like to use? 

Thanks for reading guys!

Lots of love



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