Thursday, 12 June 2014

Spring Summer Sale Fever.

Evening everyone,

Oh wow, how amazing has the weather in the UK been this week? Honestly it is so refreshing to put on a pair of shorts, a top and some sandals rather than jeans and boots! My sandals are rejoicing. Yesterday after work was spent going for a run and walk with my man and today we spent after work working on some blog photos and eating ice-cream in a lovely garden in Mayfair.

Today was a very important day for the fashion bunnies out there…The sales have officially begun! Today Mulberry and Matches launched their sales. Next week will see Net-A-Porter and Selfridges launch their online and in store sales too. With that said I can happily admit I am already falling into a rabbit hole of overspending. As much as I seem like a shopaholic (which I am) I do know my boundaries, I know which brands go into sale and have a good eye for knowing if it will sell pre sale season. My key tip for sale preparation is to steer clear of buying things full price at the end of May/ start of June. Unless you know it is a sell out item wait! 

One sale I do like to wait for even when the products are launched is Mulberry. OK so their price mark has cheated us all, but at least the sale can get it back to a somewhat reasonable price. Since it's launch, I have had my eyes on the gloriously beautiful Suffolk and Bayswater Shoulder in Bluebell Blue. Sigh.

I have succumbed to the Bluebell bayswater. I really think It goes with my current bag aesthetic- medium bag, good compartments and and shapely. It truly has a modern Silhouette. I cannot wait to post photos of the bag soon. 

I also bought myself this cute hat. I find it hard to find cute and long lasting straw hat for the summer and festivals. This caught my eye online this morning pre heading into the store. The fit is perfect and it is so sturdy. I love hats!

Mulberry wasn't my only victim in my shopping crusade today. I finally got myself a pair of Toga Pulla shoes!!! As a lot of people know, first cut sale items on most website can't always fulfil your bargain needs. So you put it in your basket and wait, stare and hope it gets reduced further. This is something I do with Matches and NAP. I love a bargain! However…this was one I was hesitant about. These boots are so awesome, Toga shoes in general are awesome. My first choice in my size sold out which made me order my second choice.

I feel the second choice are so much better for what use I can get out of them as I know i will be taking these to Paris in the Summer for the Rock En Seine festival. They can be worn with socks or bare feet! Perfect for a festival! 

I already feel myself slipping into a very very expensive month so I am gonna try and resist looking. I know however my need and lust are 2 separate things so like the Christmas sales I will 100% think about my sale purchases.  

Here are some more of my hot sale picks:

The Outnet-



I would love to hear what you guys are snapping up in the sales!

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  1. You made such a great choice baby - and I love all your summer pictures - London in the sunshine - it doesn't get much better does it :)