Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Jump for Versailles

I cannot believe I am only just getting round to posting my outfit posts from my August holiday to Paris with my family. I love Paris, and even when I am here for work I struggle to just stroll around and take in the calm and serenity of the city. So since last year me and the boyfriend make an effort to come once a year for the Rock en Seine music festival. I am obsessed with music, it's been a huge part of my life, and we aren't just talking like a scenster. No. I absorb so many different styles of music, its like fashion you just know how to appreciate your rap metal to new season Fendi! Alas I digress as I usually do.This year with 3 major headliners (Arctic Monkeys, The Prodigy and Queens of The Stone Age) my brother and sister decided to come along and join our week of fun. I have to stress how AMAZING french festivals are, they are clean and polite and a far cry from british ones. It's also refreshing to see people are there for the music and not there because a fashion brand has called them over to party and take photos of there VERY planned "Festival Chic". My personal opinion of festival fashion is, seriously get a grip and be yourself, the Uk festivals have become less about the music and more about looking like a poor poor drag act. Please leave it for the professionals!

Again digression has kicked in. Back to my week of fun. We arrived in Paris on a Wednesday and enjoyed a lovely meal at Creperie Josselin in the Montparnasse area of Paris. I highly recommend this creperie, it's so perfect and quaint although the queue is as long as a sale at Chanel. The festival was a friday to sunday job, so we decided to do a day at Versailles on the thursday taking into account the weather for the week ahead. This wasn't my first time at Versailles (nor my last as I was only there last week) but it was the first for my brother and sister. Of course they loved it. You would be a fool not to love such an amazing historical place. It really is one of the most majestic grounds I've ever walked and I have travelled a fair bit in my 27 years. It would have been a cruel crime not to take advantage of Alan with his camera, the sweet back drop, my Chanel back pack oh and another denim dress! I TOLD YOU I WAS OBSESSED. 

This little denim dress is from Topshop and well I don't need to explain the love of denim to you guys again do I?

Ever since I bought my Chanel backpack in March it has been in non-stop use. I wanna stick my middle finger up to the cocky sales assistant in a non relevant shop who told me I would get bored of my backpack. Sorry love don't think that will ever happen seen as though 1. You don't know me, 2. You don't know my style, 3. You chat shit and the whole world doesn't want to be a fashion android constantly using the same classic Chanel in different colours. This for me has been the perfect addition to my bag collection. It was perfect for the holiday too and I can see it going across the world to Japan with me next year.

One thing I wish I did do differently was not use these amazing burgundy with navy toe Chanel ballerinas. They were perfect for inside the Chateau, but walking around outside in the rubble they got a bit dusty…but fear not they have been dusted and polished and back to a happy form. This pair has to be one of my most worn pair of ballerinas because the colour is just me all over. I swear by Chanel Ballerinas, they are my go to work and play shoes! 

The Moschino fever just keeps on growing in the world. I have always had this fever. I remember my sisters sweater back in the 90's that she once left on one of the rare weekends she was home from university. Like everything back then (when we were the same size clothes and shoes…my feet continued to work against me and my plans to invade my sisters size 5 Tom Ford Gucci shoe closet failed as they went on to become the raging Krusty the clown size 8) I wore it with gleeful pride in our back then shared bedroom and once even ventured out with it on which of course angered her and amused my mother who still claims to know nothing of these memories despite being the person who dropped me off to school in said bright red MOSCHINO jumper. I love what Jeremy Scott has done to the brand. Reviving the vintage elements with a modern twist is always a winning combo especially in the case of Moschino. When it was first announced Jeremy was heading to Moschino I know I wasn't the only one thinking "Well why didn't that happen sooner". I loved the whole AW14 collection in moderation of course. As I always do, I fell insanely in love with this bracelet, I rarely wear my vintage Moschino belts and thought this was too cute to leave behind. I have worn in practically all summer and can't recommend it enough, It's just so chic in its own loud vintage manner. 

Dress- Topshop (Similar Here)
Shoes- Chanel Ballerinas (Similar Here
Bag- Chanel (Similar Here)
Sunglasses- Dior SoReal (Buy Here)
Bracelet- Moschino (Buy Here)

Thanks for reading guys! 

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