Monday, 3 December 2012

A new kitty and a new bag...

Hey everyone!
Once more, apologies for yet again a lack of posts. I have now decided to get some form of routine in with my blogging. I'm that type of gal who needs a structured outline of when to do things! It's a damn curse.
How's everyone doing? To think Christmas is 3 weeks away is just insane. This time last year I remember my mum and sister embarking on a mission to buy a pair of shoes I was dying for...the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats. With constant checking of the CO website I was lucky to have a pair for Christmas. Since I've had them I haven't stopped wearing them they are incredible.

So having been attached to these kitty's, I decided I wanted another pair. I was never sure what pair or when (my heart still yearns for the leopard ones!) but knew I would know when the perfect time was!
Thank you cruise 2013 collection!! Bordeaux kitty flats!!

The richness of the red is perfection! I am stupidly happy with these as burgundy really is my favourite colour and they caught a few peoples eyes on the tube home yesterday too :)

My kitty family is growing!

I'm not the only one with a huge love affair with the kitty flats look at the huge celebrity following....

Alexa Chung

Poppy Delevingne


Taylor Swift

And the woman that made these shoes...mama Charlotte Olympia, the goddess Charlotte Dellal

New Christmas Kitty flats became available today on the Charlotte Olympia site....

Silver glitter kitty flats

Black kitty glitter flats.

Grab them whilst you can! Once they go they never come back!

I also had a new addition to my Chanel family, a red Maxi Caviar with gold hardware.

A red to match my black (2009)
I put my Chanel discount to good use :) what a busy week....

What does everyone think of the kitty flats?

Thanks for reading :)



  1. I do love the flats but feel they wouldn't suit someone of my age, I'm going to leave them to the youngsters! The bag however, would suit me fine! Chanel discount? Lucky you, one day I will have one to call my own!xx

  2. I really love these flats and now after catching up with your blog I am pretty sure I will be buying some new shoes in the next week or so!