Sunday, 9 December 2012

Valentino shoes to call my own!

Evening lovelies!

How's everyone doing? How's everyone's weekend been? Mine was lovely, came back from London yesterday to my nephews causing chaos and baby Daniyal chewing on my Shakespeare ducky and Zaki snooping through my bags for Christmas presents (he was unsuccessful and his Ben 10 watch is still in it's amazon box!)

This week was a busy week full of work, fun and dream purchases!

So if you follow me on twitter you'll all know I've been searching high and low for the perfect colour Valentino Rockstuds for over a year now. They've been on my radar since they launched! I even want the kitten heels! At £545 for flats and £600 for kittens you wanna hope they are exquisite and perfection! Well they are!

Being a size 41/8 is a curse! Usually most boutiques get 1 in that size (Especially Chanel) so looking online was hard, constantly sold out. London only has one boutique on Sloane Street and Harrods and Liberty are the only department stores to stock them. When I was in Paris, I had no luck there either!

So last week I called the boutique just to check and I was one lucky shoe whore! Winnie, the best sales assistant in the world, kept the shoes on hold for a week!!!!
So being the wonderful friend and shopping instigator I am, I dragged the beautiful Doreen along with me (great way to start our lovely day out) and tada! A pair of Valentino's to call my own!

(A shop at Valentino= a fabulous lunch at Nobu accompanied by Vanilla and pear cocktails!)

The wait was definitely worth it :) I have a lot of outfits planned for these cuties! They're overly excited to head to the Valentino exhibition at Somerset house with the ladies!

Here are some Celebs who also love the rockstuds from flats to heels...

My girl Alexa Chung

Caroline Sieber

Olivia Palermo proving I can have more than one pair ;)

Emma Stone

Now me thinks I need the clutch and handbag to match right ;)

What do you guys think of the shoes? Which height would you go for, flats, kitten heel or stiletto?

Thanks for reading :)



  1. Love Love Love Love Love them honey

    Oh, and did I mention that I love them ;) !!!!!

  2. Oh wow, you got that! They are SO PRETTY!