Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New year, New start! Hello 2013!

Well it's 2013 and Blade Runner, Minority Report, Looper, Back To The Future were all wrong! Where are the hover cars they promised us? The touch screen world, the sky high escalators? We're lucky if there's no delays on the tube! But hey ho, we made it (much to the Mayans dismay) and I am determined to make it a good year!

Like everyone today my New Years resolution kicks off with me vowing to blog at least 3 times a week on all the things that go through my head! I have been a very very lazy blogger recently and really want to change this especially as I'm about to finish my application to St Martins!

So that's New Years resolution 1. Blog frequently

2. Eat healthy. No no, not diet! That is a forbidden word In my vocabulary!

3. Join more clubs and activities. I have been eager to try Bikram yoga last year so I want to get that going in the next few weeks! Anyone interested in joining me let me know :)

It's not a big list which I think is wise! Easy to hold onto them ;)

It was mine and my boyfriends 4 year anniversary :) so we spent it together, a 3 course meal cooked by my man and drinking woohoo! It was a lovely evening followed by a lovely day flittering around the shops and a nice lunch (my treat!)

So these were the lovely gifts i had for my Christmas and anniversary from Alan.....I am one lucky girl :)

Black and Gold Chanel pumps, Assouline Chanel books and The Hollow Crown

How did everyone spend their New Years? I hope everyone had a good night!



  1. I'd love to join you for Bikram yoga! I've done it before and it is amazing. Happy 2013 and happy anniversary. PS Alan is definitely a keeper.

  2. Gorgeous shoes honey, love them, have always wanted a pair just like I've always wanted a Chanel bag! Congrats on your 4 years together, may there be many more!

  3. Awe thanks Hun! It's been lovely :) hard work but worth it! You will get your bag Hun this year I can feel it :) the shoes are insane!