Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Les Miserables and my Wednesday wish list!

Evening everyone!
Happy hump day! How's everyone doing? Can it be the weekend please?
Tonight me and the boyfriend went to watch Les Miserables and my word it was everything I was expecting it to be and more! I have read the book and seen the production a crazy amount of times (not as much as the boyfriend!) and this was just beautiful! Eddie Redmayne, Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman really stole the movie! Anne and Hugh especially! I would love to see them win an Oscar!
Today I wore....

Jumper- Topshop
Shirt - Topshop
Leather skirt - River Island
shoes Dune
Coat Maje
Scarf Louis Vuitton Sprouse
Bag Chanel maxi
So today's Net-a-Porter drop was just so mind blowing I considered getting a loan out just to dress in head toe Saint Laurent
So here is my mid week wish/list list! Feel free to buy for me ;)

Saint Laurent stripey blazer- £1885 (love this whole look and keen to emulate it soon!)

Saint Laurent Chain trimmed leather skirt- £1505

Marni red sleeveless leather coat- £1060 (I wanna wear it like a dress!!!!)

Miu Miu cropped candy pants- £340

Carven leather biker jacket- £1260 (this season carven is proving to be my weak spot!)

Isabel Marant powder blue bayley sneakers £370 because having the red bayleys just isn't enough ;)

Acne Mape cropped leather jacket- £1000

Marni mirrored leather pumps

Christian Louboutin intern studded calf hair and patent loafers- £695

Marni colour block patent leather sandals- £430 I think these will come up high on the list as I can see myself wearing them a lot in our not so summery summer to come!
I hope everyone's having a fab evening! Until next time :) thanks for reading!


  1. Loved Les Mis, Sasha B, Helena BC & Eponey (sp??) were my favs, but Annie was fab. Love your outfit N, you look uber cool and damn that SL jacket is fine. Its on my wishlist too!!!!!!!

  2. I am dying to see Les Mis and the one about the Tsunami can't remember what its called. Love the mirrored sandals and the red leather!

  3. There is so much I wanna see! Sharon you have to watch Les Mis ASAP! Captures moments the stage production can't really do so well! The tsunami one looks great too! I'm looking forward to Lincoln too! The sandals are on top of my list! And that coat is too beautiful

    Thanks Michelle :) I agree the casting was perfection (par Russell crow!) downloaded the soundtrack, love the one I have but love this one too! Oh man I would love this SL jacket to hit the sale lol! I am gonna try and find a similar one! Love this collection! X