Sunday, 24 March 2013

Dior at Harrods

Evening everyone!

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and not been to overly consumed by the snow! It's so horrible out, it's hard to believe this time last year we had a first form of warmth and this year we have snow! I'm over this weather now and ready for a well overdue 5 month heat wave!!!!

This week me and my partner in crime Doreen went to the Dior exhibition at Harrods and the Dior Cafe.

Now, if you follow me on twitter you'll know me and Doreen met Natalia Vodanova by complete accident when she walked in for the Dior party. And my god she's just perfection, sweet and so down to earth, she even loved the bag we were fawning over!

So we were definitely excited to visit!
We went to the Dior Cafe firstly, for afternoon tea and some much needed bubbles!

Matching Chanel bags, maxi and jumbo outing :)

Every part of the menu was designed by the Dior team to reflect the Dior restaurants that are placed around the world. I cannot fault it at all, it was pure perfection! It's not the biggest floor space but i think it makes it extra special! Definitely book ahead!

We did want to take cupcakes home, but sadly it was the wrong day as harrods had an order of 800 boxes the day before for a wedding! AND there was a waiting list for them, I've heard and seen it all now ;)

So the closest I got to Dior cupcakes was a photo....booooooo!

After our lovely lunch we went on to the exhibition and it wasn't overly crowded and I loved being able to take photos and enjoyed posing up a storm....

Charlize Theron's J'adore Dior dresses

Me and my love Doreen <3

Dior started the houndstooth trend.

Raf Simons dresses, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence. 

One of my absolute favourite dresses from the first Raf Simons collection worn by the face of Dior Marion Cotillard.

Deconstructed Lady Dior bag.

The beautiful Audrey Hepburn dress (she was TINY!!!)

Just trying to lift Natalie Portman and a chair up....not biggie!

Just loved the lighting in the Dior booth! Just putting our order in for a giant Lady Dior to go....

Tadaaaaaaaa! All ready to take home! Now you have a box big enough?!

Has anyone else been to the exhibition and the cafe?! Did anyone buy any of the limited edition pieces made for harrods?!!! I would love to know!

More importantly, which fashion house would you like to see  Harrods collaborate with next?

Thanks for reading my loves!


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