Sunday, 7 April 2013

An Arabian Summer Courtesy of Zara

Evening all,

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.

I've had a lovely week off from work but reality resumes tomorrow (but working from home so not a bad start to my working week!) I spent my week off not as wisely as i would have liked to (last minute holiday prices were shocking) so ended up taking my sister to london, the very place i was trying to escape for the week. But it ended up being a lovely week of shopping, dinning and seeing friends and of course the boyfriend. And you can't fault spending your sisters money hehe. So a "Cheap holiday" ended up being an expensive week in london.....but at least i got some pretty new things right....

This week Zara has really caught my eye, more than usual. I know there is a lot of Celine, Louis Vuitton and Isabel Marant style pieces, but the arabian/indian/pakistani vibes are truly alive in the store.

Look 1-Patch work jeans £39.99

Look 2- Short Chequered Coat £69.99

Look 3- Two-Tone Combined Dress £45.99

Look 4- Studded Biker Ankle Boots £59.99

A lot of these Arabian style pieces really remind me of my childhood, heading back to Pakistan with my family for summer holidays, wearing traditional clothing, going to the bizzares every day and seeing all the mirrors and embroidery on any items from scarfs to pillow cushions and bed sheets! Very nostalgic!

Here are some snaps i took whilst in store, the colour pallet used are perfect.

(These 2 jackets above really remind me of my uncles on the farm in pakistan! Chic!)

And some pieces which are yet to hit the online store! 

What do you guys think of the pieces? Which ones took your fancy? personally i am dying for the shorts, the vests....i'm pretty sure i can dig up somewhere in mums attic! 

Thanks for reading tonight...will blog about my naughty purchases tomorrow ;) 

Lots of love!


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