Saturday, 20 April 2013

H&M Icons Collection does it Celine style.

Evening everyone,

I hope everyone has had a lovely week and is enjoying their weekend. My week consisted of work and flat hunting and it's safe to say London is a bitch to find a decent flat in. But me and the other half have found a lovely little flat just waiting on all the paper work to go through and then I can start planning our Cath Kidston style flat (sorry Alan). So I am happily relaxing in Wales.
Last week saw the release of the H&M Icons collection, pieces based on major designer brands. Last year was a success and this year has followed swiftly especially with the Celin style 100% leather jacket.

Now, I am a content leather jacket owner, I have 4. I am a fussy Madame when it comes to leather jackets but when I was in Paris my heart sank when I tried on the Celine, but alas I just couldn't justify it (even with my cousin Farah's discount!) So this really impressed me! Especially at £99.99!!!The fit is just perfection-true to size, the leather is buttery soft with a nice gloss and the it just screams chic! I bought it without hesitation and never looked back! I spent most of this week rocking it!

I had some really nice comments from people, some asking if it was actually Celine, Balenciaga or Carven. The highstreet wins again!
Even the bloggers have cottoned on too....

A bit of Celine, Balenciaga and Carven to drool over and to compare....

What do you guys think of the jacket? Has anyone else got one yet? I definitely think that if it's your style it's defiantly a must have piece in the wardrobe!

Thanks for reading guys!

Lots of love



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  1. I so didnt need another leather jacket - my all saints one is very similar but it just feels too bulky so thanks to you my gorgeous, enabling friend I am gonna try it! You are a bad, bad friend ..................... ;) x