Friday, 18 April 2014

Nouveau Chapeau de Maison Michel

Hey guys,

A Maison Michel hat (Chapeau) has been on my list of things to but for some time now. Why? Well it's the hat Millinery to be seen in currently. Not that that is the reason for my love.

I have been a fan of the brand for years now. Especially under the creative director Laetitia Crahay who is also in charge of the accessories and jewellery at Chanel (Oh and my idol). 

Not a lot of people are aware but Maison Michel was taken over by Chanel in 1996. It has made exceptional hats previously for Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Christian Lacroix, Lanvin and Nina Ricci for their Pret-a-Porter collections and Haute Couture. Now the brand is focused on its own collection and working very closely with Chanel. In fact the next Chanel collection to land is the eagerly anticipated M├ętiers d'Arts Paris- Dallas which celebrated Maison Michel and showcased some exceptional cowboy hats. Whether you don't like to spend the average £310 on a hat or do, Maison Michel is growing and at a fast pace too. With a growing ready to wear collection and a celebrity/fashion fan base growing loner than Santas naughty list, I can't imagine the price staying as low as £310 for long. 

The brand also focuses on the cutest fascinators, bunny ears and hairbands. Who wouldn't love a pair of the cute lace ears?! 

I know in the next few weeks on my next work visit to Paris I'm going to indulge in buying the amazing Kate model for myself. It's something I've promised myself (and Laetitia) for a while.

But for those who cannot take a jolly trip to the new store on Rue Cambon (that's right, right next to Chanel) fear not! They are available on multiple platforms such as Browns and Matches

But for those who want to go in and try different styles, you should all pop to the new Pop up in Selfridges. Currently located on women's second floor opposite Chanel ready-to-wear. The selection is impeccable along with the service. The pop up is to celebrate a newer section dedicated to Maison Michel in the next few months, and is the biggest selection of the brand available in the UK. 

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