Monday, 21 April 2014

The Ambiguous Palm Tree

Evening guys,

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter Bank Holiday. Mine was lovely spent in Wales with my family eating lots of chocolate and the best roast dinner in the world (thanks mum). But alas it's back to London for me tomorrow. I must admit I will always profess my love for Wales (welsh Pakistani till the day I die) but I love London so much I always miss it when I'm at home. Yes I would happily call myself an adoptive Londoner.

You are all probably thinking why is there a giant palm tree, and where is it? The answer to that question, the back of my flat and on the side of the movie. One singular, stand alone palm tree in the midst of a theatre, a movie theatre, a university, a community theatre centre and flats. Dramatic and AMAZING! Cue an opportunity for an outfit post.

I love this outfit purely because I am proud of my customising attempt. These jeans I am wearing are a pair of the Dorothy Perkins jeans that I went completely mental with a knife and cheese grater. I would definitely advise customising a pair of jeans you are not too found of in case you mess up a little, in my case I didn't mind doing exaggerated cuts as I wanted big and fun. 

These sneakers have to be my favourite Chanel shoes at the moment. Comfortable and versatile, they serve the purpose of being fashionably chic and easy to run around London in. These were a rare find, made in limited quantity, classic Chanel tweed printed on a sturdy nylon material and a giant Pearl on the lip. Thanks Alan for buying these for my Valentines day present. 

I love adding a statement necklace to a nice simple outfit. It lifts the outfit perfectly. This is one of the necklaces from my up and coming jewellery shop. It's my most worn piece since spring has come round along with the return of my oh so favourite A.P.C denim jacket. This jacket is my life and soul. 

This little impromptu shoot was done the week I got my beloved Chanel backpack. Honestly it is probably one of my favourite bags in my collection, versatile and easy to match with dresses and jeans. 

I think sub-consciously the palm is here to taunt me over never booking tickets to go to Coachella. I swear I will get myself there soon! But in the mean time I'll party like a scenster at my one man palm tree ;)

Top- Primark
Denim Jacket- A.P.C
Jeans- Customised Dorothy Perkins
Sneakers- Chanel
Backpack- Chanel
Necklace- Bijoux Parisian

Thanks for reading guys 



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