Friday, 2 January 2015

Flying into 2015

Happy New Year everyone!!!!! I know it's been ages since I have blogged but as a part of my new years resolution I am hopefully going to blog a lot more about my own style and brands I am loving along with trends. I know it is something I say every year but I have realised that I take so much pleasure in sharing my outfits on Instagram so why can I not apply the same enthusiasm to my blog?! 

I am obsessed with my new Isabel Marant Aviator jacket. It is so warm and comfortable, to top it off it has been on my list of things to buy since it launched at the start of AW14 so to find it in the sale at 60% was a true blessing! It was a no brainer to pair it with my Marant striped top and Sandro jeans because let's face it the French have always had the leather jacket looks down to perfection/ 

I love my ever growing Chanel collection especially these two pieces. It is always hard to call something my favourite in my Chanel collection when everything is. I am a fussy buyer (it may not seem it but I am) I have a mind of my own and like to be quirky or understated, so when I see people trying too hard I don't know wether as a stylist to feel offended or to turn away and put it down to a lack of imagination. I definitely feel 2014 was the birth of a whole new side of Chanel but this year with the impending Riot collection and Salzburg it's not gonna stop the ever growing fascination with Chanel. My trainers are from Dubai cruise collection, after being super fussy about the sneakers, in the space of 2 months I managed to rake up an impressive 5 pairs! These are my "light" pair (denim and white). The boy bag is my dream boy. I bought this is the summer in Paris, I wanted a velvet since 2013 so when I saw this in a rare size I knew it was worth the wait. It practically goes with everything. 

I hope everyone has been enjoying their first few days of the year!


Hat- H&M
Jacket and Top- Isabel Marant
Jeans- Sandro
Trainer- Chanel
Bag- Chanel Boy Bag
Necklace- Chanel

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