Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary Oh and Happy Bargain Hunting!

I can't even begin to express how happy I am with my holidays. Why are we all back in work? How did the festive period fly by so quickly?! How the hell did I nurse my hangover on 1st. Oh yeah I went to the sales.

Firstly I have to thank my wonderful boyfriend for my presents. We had our 6th anniversary on New Years so we always combine Christmas and anniversary gifts. We are that couple who are practical and have a budget but maintain the surprise element. I must say I did really good for Alan thanks to Secret Sales and the NFL shop! But I was so over whelmed by my presents. I just couldn't believe it because he actually listens. I am so excited to read Diane's book she's a wonderful inspiration for all women and full of so much heart. The earrings I wore immediately, I have the matching necklace and had these on my wish list but couldn't find them as this style with the Islamic crest has been so popular in the Chanel Dubai collection. I feel so blessed to have something so significant to my heart. 

The big surprise had to be my Valentino 1973 Chevron rainbow Rockstud flats. I am so in love I just want to wear them, alas it is a bit too cold for them! 

So after some lovely gifts we decided to head out to the sales on new years as we were already out for some hangover cure Wagamamas. I have really restrained myself this season sale by watching closely pieces I wanted but not at full price. So really what I'm saying here is I am not giving into impulse buys! Selfridges proved to be good to me in the form of my most wanted item of 2014…the Saint Laurent Kitten heels with studded bows! YAY YAY YAY! Oh and a wonderful Marc By Marc Jacobs Bunny Hop- Revolution hoody (Outfit post to come soon). Wahoo.

So first day of the year I achieved a pair of shoes….I was going for gold and wanted to buy a bag on the 2nd, knowing the Chanel sale was on the 3rd I went in to pre sale shop, but alas nothing worth buying, so I moved onto Harrods and Harvey Nichols for more bargain hunting. I don't know how it happened but there was no bag worthy of a purchase. Either overpriced or shit. What a shame really. So I decided to bite the bullet and buy…My Valentino Rockstud shoulder bag. I am so in love and happy I went with something I want, a classic and not something that will be on eBay in 6 weeks. It's all about the investment. On top I got to use my Gold Tier card in Harrods for an early 10%! Score!  

What have you guys been buying?! 

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