Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Shoe Addict 2016.


I have not blogged for a whole year! This utter madness. In all fairness 2015 was a pretty busy and wonderful year for me. So I want to make 2016 that much more special and that is a conscious effort to be better at blogging, building this blog to the full potential it should be. I won't lie, when I have an idea I always think I should blog it but I am always too tired or find an excuse not to do it.

That is out the window now. It is time to really reflect on my age, what is happening in my wardrobe, my beauty woes, my instagram rants, my never ending shoe obsession and lets be honest my voice. In the weeks to come I'll be hopefully moving my blog to it's own domain and a better format. I love blogger but as I have changed I think my patience for Blogger has changed. I want the website to reflect me. So yes that will be changing soon and I will definitely keep you posted on that. Also the return of the outfit posts! It is cold but I cannot wait to get out there! 

So back to the matter at hand…I am a self confessed shoe addict. Ask my friends, my boyfriend, my mum, sister and well even my Dad is on the cusp of sending me to Shoeaholics anonymous. I sob when I confess I have a problem yet after the sob I still have the dilemma. I cannot deny myself a pair of shoes.

So I cannot tell you how many shoes I have bought since my last blogpost because that would be incredibly depressing for me and a shoe overload for you guys but I had to share these Chanel beauties with you!

These are the shoes I am looking forward to taking on my holiday to Japan (more on that in a later post). I am obsessed with these. As much as I love a good pair of Chanel espadrilles, last year was the year I felt they were everywhere and i just didn't wear them as much as I would have liked. But that isn't me saying I am over them. That is me saying I am content with what I have but don't need to flounce around in them. These though, they need a certain amount of flouncing. These are from the Seoul cruise collection so availability maybe non existing now, but wherever you are in the world it is always worth a try. I do know my creepy stalker will be all over these (must learn to live with this!URGH).

I cannot wait to bring you more content. 

Thanks for reading guys.

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