Monday, 25 January 2016

Love Is In The Air

Ah, as I upload this post I am sitting in my office in Paris the city of love preparing for the Chanel couture show tomorrow! I am so excited, I love Haute Fouture so much. The details, the craft and the general attitude completely blows me away, so much so I actually don't mind working until 1 in the morning! We are afterall in the City of Love and Light. 

As a lot of you know, Paris is quite literally my second home. I've just moved into my own flat which is quite possibly a dream come true. I don't usually talk about these things as that's how I was raised to do things for yourself and not essentially "brag". So this has been my own little secret shared with my closest friends and close family. I've been working on it since late September. Everything is grey and white or marbled! All my marble is from Pakistan too! I'm all moved in and so content,  So you can see I don't just love Paris for its wonderful fashion and brands! 

So with all this love in the air it's only apt that I share one of the best brands in Paris, Diptyque, new collaboration with the wonderful Olympia Le-Tan. The collaboration is to celebrate Valentine's Day, just check out the packaging. The collection has the limited Rose and Violet candles in small and large, along with a solid perfume (I have been using this non stop for the last 2 weeks!). The brand has repackaged the Rose range to fit in with the collaboration. The packaging is so Olympia, when I first saw it my ovaries exploded with excitement!

I'm so happy these two French houses have collaborated, I think it is a match made in heaven. If you don't know who Olympia is, she is the woman who made it cool to carry a bag that is shaped and designed (handcrafted) as a book with your favourite book cover. From Disney to the classics (I still have my eyes on the Dracula clutch) you can carry your book clutch with pride and look like the chicest woman on the red carpet. Afterall it was Natalie Portman who elevated Le-Tans brand to the super level. The clutches start at £1050. You can contact for bespoke but you can also find the seasonal book clutches on The Outnet For half the price. Hence if you you adore the handmade craftmanship of Olympia but don't have the budget, this collaboration hits all the spots.

The smell of the candle is just dreamy. It is a wonderful combination, and if you have a Dyptique candle you'll know that they do burn well and are well worth the money. A little tip, Dyptique is cheaper in Paris (considerably) and they also participate in the 10% days in Harrods. 


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