Monday, 2 December 2013

Valentino Lovin'

Evening all,

Sorry for the late post guys but I am back and hopefully going to up how many posts I do a week. Must start kicking my own arse into gear.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, mine involved celebrating my middle brother Nazume's 31st birthday.

As a lot of you all know Valentino is one of my favourite brands. It really captures the girly side of my personality and on top of that I get the best Valentino luck (About time, it took me a whole year to find my first pair of Rockstud flats!!!!!) how you say? Well i found my second pair of Rockstuds in the outlet, a dress for £50, A pair of brogues in the same outlet, gloves and my find last week was an incredible silk scarf in TKMaxx! Yep the Valentino gods are in my favour.

Valentino Silk Scarf £69.99 TKMaxx
Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats.

I'm clearly not the only person who loves Valentino. The brands reputation is continually on the up every season. Delivering with impeccable collection through Runway and Haute Couture, it's no wonder the Valentino space in Harrods had a new upgrade, collections in various stores have increased and Selfridges has dedicated the old Louis Vuitton space on the ground floor to Valentino as it's first pop up in that location. It is a great way to kick off a new concept of pop up stores on the ground floor in the accessories department with the hottest fashion house at the moment. 

It was incredible to see the transformation from Louis Vuitton to Valentino in the space of 2 weeks. Bravo Selfridges. So here is a look inside the space…

I am absolutely in love with the neon selection for cruise. It really makes the classic bags fun. My favourite had to be the mini rock stud bag. On the Christmas list for sure!

The pop up also has the new camouflage collection which was a part of the Terry Richardson for Valentino campaign. 

The packaging is absolutely genius. I want a piece just for the camouflage box or dust bag. Simple needs ay?

Here are a few other Valentino pieces which are on my list…

Has anyone popped into the new pop up space in Selfridges? Anyone have any Valentino pieces on their Christmas list? I would love to hear what you guys have on your list! 

Thanks for reading guys! 

Lots of love 


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