Thursday, 16 January 2014

Spring/Summer 2014 Ad Campaigns.

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It's that time of the year again where we open up our fashion magazines and get lost in the new designer advertising campaigns. Months before our spring summer starts, this tactic gets us all thinking about the next lust items, put our names down on the never ending waiting lists (come on you know my name is down for the giant pearl balls necklace at Chanel!), oh and to cause some's fashion, it's advertising at it's best.

I am particularly excited about this years Spring/Summer collections, everything seems fresh and exciting and with fashion week just weeks around the corner lets all enjoy Spring/Summer 2014 before we start drawing up the Autumn/Winter 2014 list...


Lindsey Wixson dominates the SS14 Chanel Campaign, let's all swoon over the oversized pearls.


Rihanna for Balmain. Of course it was going to happen, after a series of instagram loving photos between creative director Oliver Rousteing and Rihanna, Rousteing was obviously inspired and moved by his biggest fan. Nobody rocks Balmain like RiRi.

Miu Miu

Young Hollywood for Miu Miu. Muiccia Prada's sister brand is known for having the best and the youngest celebrity fans in the fashion business. Previous ad campaigns have seen Kirsten Dunst, Chloe Sevigny and Hailee Steinfeld who created controversy with her campaign in 2011. The campaign saw a Hailee lying on a train track. This season is more tamed and focusing on the bright future of young Hollywood. Of course today the Oscar nominations were announced and it's one of the stars Lupita Nyong'ofor her role in 12 Years a Slave. Other stars are Elizabeth Olsen, Ellie Fanning, Bella Heathcote.

Marc Jacobs

Miley Cyrus- Well I guess someone was going to add Miley "I stick my tongue out for anything" Cyrus. Of course it was going to be Marc. After his triumphant last Louis Vuitton Campaign for SS14 with his muses, he has yet again pushed boundaries with Cyrus, queen of pushing short shorts boundaries. A lot of speculation has been made about the context of the campaign, has Cyrus and the model killed the model lying still? Who knows, read into how you will, it's what Marc wants us to do and he does it well.

Alexander Wang

Apparently a play on what women do in the bathroom, the campaign features the hot item of New York Fashion Week- The Parental Advisory sheer jumper.


Ah more from Mr Wang, the SS14 collection is the second from Alexander Wang. Growing more into the brand, the ad features some of the most beautiful and structured pieces from the collection proving he can do more than sports luxe and carry on the Balenciaga niche.


Ah Celine, bright fun and as wacky as the runway show. Celine as always focuses their ad campaign on runway pieces just look at the crazy heels. Oh and the new season luggage bags!


Headed by model of the moment Malika Firth, the renaissance themed SS14 collection has gone simple and bold to emphasise the incredible embroided dresses and Accessories.


Oh hello Lou Doillon. What a beauty and fitting for the French fashion house. If anyone can capture the 70's vibes and rock a halter neck's Lou. Please can I have her hair?!

What is your favourite ad campaign for this season? Do you think they they help mould us into buying from the collections they are advertising?

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  1. Visually Celine's campaign is my favourite however, Miu Miu have hit a home run with the timing of their campaign just before awards season and with Lupita at the helm it is bound to be noticed! That Chanel oversized pearl necklace though! That is what dreams are made of!

    1. Completely agree, Celine is visually beautiful and the luggage, wow! But yep Miu mIu are onto a clear winner here. It helps that this is basically Muiccia front row during PFW. Lupita is a dream, such a beauty! I loved Valentino, seems so basic and beautiful! Oh yeah chanel win for most lust after item as usual! X