Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Bye bye 2013, Hello 2014.

Evening guys,

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing new year and isn't feeling too delicate today wherever you are in the world!

The boyfriend and i celebrated New year in London and also celebrated 5 years together as a couple so it was pretty special as he cooked and I opened my presents (well he opened his too but I already knew what he had of course hehe).

So after seeing some of my lovely Parisian friends for a late lunch, we came home to have a lovely evening in and celebrate a new year and of course our love! I know hurl now ;)

I have to share my presents with you all because I was truly spoilt by the boyfriend! He knows me too well...

Woohoo my 5th pair of Chanel Espadrilles. These were a nice surprise as I didn't think Alan would buy me another leather pair after my all black leather buy! Thank you!!!!!!

I was also given some incredibly thoughtful bits:

- American red party cups for our love of American teen dramas and the need to be at a frat party.
-Better Call Saul T-shirt. Because we love all things breaking bad especially Saul.
- Despicable Me 2 Monopoly game board. Because I worship all things minion.
- The Carrie Diaries Compilation of all the song from season 1 and to the current episode. Because I love that show and the whole soundtrack.

Thanks you Alan! I felt completely spoilt!

We spent our New Year day well, starting it with our anniversary meal at Yauatcha. If you haven't been...go! It is amazing, not overly priced but definitely a perfect date night. If Chinese food and dim sum is your favourite this is the place to come. It's situated in the heart of Soho just off Wardour street. The sister restaurant to Hakkasan, the menu and the whole ambiance in Yauatcha Is much more laid back and hip.

Yep there is a fish tank under the bar.

Oh the cocktails are to die for!

Alan and his Tokyo cooler.

Me and my strawberry and vanilla ice tea.

So here come the food porn photos...

Venison puff.

Wagyu beef puff.

Duck and pumpkin.

Sweet corn and Taro croquette

My pudding a raspberry and chocolate brownie...

Apple bramble eclair.

The deserts are just impeccable. You could just imagine Michel Roux Jnr coming in just for the exquisite puddings. Oh and you can take them away too...look at the cake bar.

What an amazing start to the year! We headed to Selfridges to check out the sales. I managed to buy some incredible Kooples Pieces.

This sweater which I've had my eyes on since it released...

And this incredible The Kooples Sport Biker jacket!

I am beyond excited to get in these pieces! The jumper is going to be worn Friday! Eeeek!

I'm excited to receive 2 special bits I've ordered from Matches And Hervia. To be honest this sale hasn't been very ground breaking.

Non the less I would love to hear what you guys have managed to get your hands on!

Again guys Happy New Year, here's to 2014, more blogging, more career focus and healthy living (my semi attempt at resolutions).

Thanks for reading guys!

Lots of love


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