Thursday, 10 July 2014

Shut Up And Kiss Me

Morning all,

I hope everyone is having a good week so far, sadly the weather in London is awful. Thank god I am working from home today and waiting for some furniture to be delivered. I must say my week has been a busy thanks to Couture week in Paris but I absolutely love working Couture shows. They are so much more special than the normal seasonal shows as the art and craft that goes into the clothing is just pure perfection. Plus watching the girls put the clothing together is such a magical process. I know the vision is Karl but the seamstresses are the true talent. I cannot wait to show you my photos from the show in a future blog post.

I love this look, the t-shirt is quite a questionable one to wear around London. The amount of men who approached me was astonishing…seriously it's a t-shirt men…you know sarcasm. But hey I was walking around Soho. I will never stop loving crazy t-shirts. I definitely recommend looking at ASOS for similar t-shirts. The blazer is one of my favourite buys from Topshop this season. I have a real soft spot for grey tones and immediately fell in love with the blazer. Cute for casual and work looks. 

I've started using this Christopher Kane clutch so much more lately. I bought it last year during the sample sale. It's the perfect day to night size and I can get the essentials in. Plus its navy leopard! I love it! I also got this cute little pom from Poppy London. It is cute and nice alternative to using my Fendi fur monster. My only quip with the store is the poor delivery service. But hey I have it now so lets just roll with that. 

Everyone knows I am a Chanel shoe fanatic. I am proud of my lusty love of expensive shoes, especially Chanel ones. These silver brogues are from the Cruise collection and were made in limited quantity. Hardly nobody had these in stock so I was shocked when I found out my gorgeous best friend Gaspard bought these in Paris for me. I feel so blessed to have such a thoughtful friend. These are so  comfortable but then again I find all Chanel shoes comfortable. I know that these will be perfect for next season metallic and winter whites trends. 

Since buying this Zara pearl bracelet I have worn it practically everyday. So much so I really wish I bought a second one. I constantly get asked at work if it is the Chanel one. Score. For readers asking about the Cartier Love Bracelet- I cannot fault them. I love both of mine as they are so precious to me. Both of my bracelets are special and have a meaning behind both. I also have matching rings from 3 of my closest friends. I am really into simple jewellery at the moment as a look like this shouldn't be over shadowed by busy pieces. 

Jacket- Topshop
T-shirt- ASOS
Customised Ripped Jeans- Dorothy Perkins
Brogues- Chanel
Clutch- Christopher Kane
Watch- Swatch
Bracelets- Cartier Love
Pearl Bracelet- Zara
Rings- Cartier Love

Thanks for reading guys.

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