Friday, 25 July 2014

Under The Bridge

This outfit post was a total impromptu shoot after an evening at the theatre. We had plans to shoot on the Southbank but sadly had a short period between the show starting (Arthur Millers "A View From The Bridge" performed at the Young Vic with Mark Strong. Amazing.) and having a Byron burger or shooting…I love my blog and sharing my outfits but come on always the BURGER! A bit disappointed with the short amount of time, the boyfriend demanded I start posing under Waterloo bridge…Not streetwalkerish at all. But hey, if the photographer is feeling it who am i to argue ;) Plus i cannot express how much I LOVE this Topshop striped tunic.

This is one of my many Chanel necklaces. This was one is special as it celebrates the 100 year anniversary of the first Chanel store opening. I had this gorgeous piece as a Christmas present from work. I love how combination of burgundy and the pearly white. This colour combo really reminds me of the Tudor era.

My Zara leather jacket…where do I start with this bad boy. God I love this. I have 3 leather jackets in my wardrobe (I am super fussy) my vintage Topshop which has perforated leather sleeves and suede inserts, this one, and my beyond perfect Sandro distressed cracked leather jacket. I bought this because it was my perfect longline leather jacket. The leather is ageing beautifully and instead of buying this full price (£180) I bought it for a wonderful £60. A bargain and a wardrobe staple. What more can a woman ask for? I know that next on my leather jacket list is a bright Acne and a leather bomber jacket from  Isabel Marant Etoile. Obviously I love non branded too, my leather jacket mantra is  As long as it's leather with a phenomenal fit it's the jacket for you. Obviously PU jackets are never the answer especially as the fit is never the same. 

 I originally wanted this tunic in the red stripes, but as it always goes when shopping, you try it on, you tell yourself you'll come back for it and then you never see it again and see EVERYONE in London (replace London with your local town!!!) wearing it. Enter my wonderful sister who shouted in cap locks on whatsapp "THE NAVY STRIPED TUNIC IS IN THE TALL SECTION" That's right we can't go a day without showing one another what we wear or buy. This was one of her best announcements on whatsapp. I quickly ordered mine and felt this was the perfect length…take that red striped tunic. The length is perfect for autumn to summer. I can wear with tight or without. I just wish Topshop would play around with colours because I'd have them all! 

I remember when I bought these Louboutin Freds, 2012 Fashions Night Out at the loub party where me and the sister ended the night. It was a fab night full of good cocktails and making new fashionable friends. I am so excited that it is heading back to London this year. It's about time! This time I won't wait 2 years to wear a pair of shoes! That's right! I waited 2 years to wear these sparkly beauties. Do not ask me why, I thought I was being wise due to the nature of the material but it was more i didn't want to tarnish the soles. So fuck it I wore them and now I love them more than ever. They had the best compliments and more so they aren't available any more so SCORE!

This was the first Chanel bag I ever had as my own and i really think I earned this one. I was lucky in my childhood, I constantly use to steal my mums Chanel bags and was never allowed to touch my grandmothers vintage collection until I "grew up". Of course that meant graduating…I think. This red 2.55 was given to me when I graduated with a 2:1 in English Literature. When I got it I screamed. I was expecting a bag but my usual choice of Miu Miu or Gucci at that time. I have never felt so appreciative in my life. Silly I know but I was in a stage where my life became more about appreciating fashion. My god if I knew this Red Chanel was my downwards spiral into a world of double C's I would of saved my student loans! Within months of getting my first job with French Connection I dove straight into growing my own Chanel collection… It's still growing guys!

Leather Jacker- Zara
Dress- Topshop
Brogues- Louboutin
Necklace- Chanel
Bag- Chanel 2.55
Bracelet- Zara (pearl) Cartier Love
Rings- Cartier Love
Watch- Swatch

Thanks for reading guys.

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