Friday, 1 August 2014

The Denim Edition

 Evening all, 

I hope everyone has enjoyed their sunny week. Gosh its been so warm in London, add tube weather and  well it's like living on the sun! Over the top I know but come on TFL surely we should progress with some air con on the central line! The start of my week was spent at home celebrating Eid and besides the fact my little nephews are away in Florida it was a lovely day spent with the family. I also had the best present from my parents. If you haven't seen my little baby on my Twitter/ Instagram here you go! 

Hello my beautiful Fendi By The Way. I've had my eye on this little beauty since it went down the catwalk in February. I had the fob monogrammed with my initials which gives this 3 tone (limited edition colour) grey an extra special touch.

Now I've shared my lovely little present I wanted to share my love of DENIM. If you follow me on Instagram you will know by now I live in denim shorts, jeans and more importantly denim dresses. 

Denim dress- Topshop

Denim Dress- Topshop

Denim Shirt dress (midi)- Primark

As you can see these are my 3 favourite denim dresses in my wardrobe at the moment. I am always on the prowl for new denim dress. Even when I've bought a new one I am still ready for another. Not that I am greedy or anything, it just comes down to not being able to find the perfect denim dress so why not make the most of the high street at the moment. Quality of fit and denim type is key for a lasting piece in your wardrobe because remember denim is no longer a seasonal wear now, it has become a key classic piece for women.

Here are my must buy denim dresses (Hover on the description for links):


Dorothy Perkins 



Thanks for reading guys. 

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