Wednesday, 17 September 2014

'Dem Parisian Vibes

I cannot express how much I love these 2 books at the moment. As told by wonderful Parisian friends, I do not need a book to tell me how to be a Parisian wherever I am because I am already one. The best compliment ever, especially from  REAL Parisians! But hey! I wanted to support my style crush, favourite person in my Chanel family, Caroline de Maigret and her amazing group of girlfriends who are lending all their tips to every woman out there that is interested in embracing that Jane Birkin attitude.

The book isn't just a how to be, it is full of funny quips, tips, friendship, the perfect dinner table conversation (with a matching menu to accompany it), how to have a successful affair oh and how to turn men on with a simple Burberry trench. That's right, no longer will I envy the Charlotte Gainsbourg wannabes in my clique, I WILL BE THAT WOMAN!

I genuinely couldn't recommend a more chic and funny read for my little fashionistas. 

I also wanted to share with you the amazing new Chanel Art book which is due for world launch in mid October. If you can remember back in October 2013, the Spring Summer 2014 show was all about the artistic Chanel girl. The set was full of amazing art pieces which have been documented in this book. It is a must have for any coffee table book collectors/ Chanel fans. I'm very lucky to have my copy before launch and I am proud owner of a first edition too. Each piece for me is so special and I love looking back and remembering my memories from the days leading up to the show and the day.

I love this look, I really think my style adapts all the time. My current obsession since early this year has been duster coats. I wanted a nice thick one for autumn, something I could wrap up. This trench duster is my dream jacket. It's a gorgeous length and cut beautifully. Thank you once again Monki.

My Mansur tote has been the best addition to my bag collection this year. Thanks mum and dad for this! I knew I wanted the tote after buying my bucket bag in March. I wasn't however sure if black was needed in my collection, but as any person looking for a Mansur Gavriel knows, it is hard to find the bag in the first place so I cannot even imagine the stress my parents went through to get this but all I know is Net-A-Porter were a fantastic help. As for my doubts, completely out the window. I love this bag so much it's hard not to use it when it is perfection.

The Chanel Dallas sneakers are just the cutest. These capture the collection perfectly, on top of that it really adds a pop to any basic outfit. Ive noticed with Chanel sneakers the best style for myself is low tops to show off my skinny ankles. These in the high top were cute but god I am so glad they weren't in my size because these have made me so happy. They stand out for themselves in my ever growing sneakers collection. 

Thanks for reading guys.

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