Thursday, 9 August 2012

Nails Inc and Cupcakes!

Evening all! How's everyone doing?

So today I went into Debenhams to buy some more Nails Inc Caviar top coat, I am beyond obsessed that I went through a bottle in a matter of weeks.

It was only meant to be an in/out deal but no....the sales assistant was just too good and showed me the new Cupcake range! I being the nails varnish hoarder I am got stupidly excited and couldn't help myself and bought these 2....

1. Topping lane
2. Sweets Way

My nails now look absolutely yummy and sprinkley!

Can't wait to use the sweets way next week!

Not only did I walk away with these 2 and top and base coat, the sales assistant gave me a load of freebies! I have never been so happy!

I cannot get over how much she gave me, the nail file is crystal and the nail set is full of beautiful pastels, another base coat for repairs and a lovely hand cream!

Thanks Nails Inc Cardiff! I'll be enjoying these for a while now! Let me know what you think of the cupcake nail varnishes! They are too cute! X

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