Friday, 3 August 2012

McQ, Chloe, Alexander Wang and Victoria Beckham!

Yay it's the weekend! What's everyone got planned this weekend? Mine's a quiet one with my mum and sister, some quality time during Ramadan! Also a time to lust after things on net-a-porter including new Victoria, Victoria Beckham dresses.

I love these 2 dresses, seriously love but the price point is still a bit excessive especially when you could ask for this gorgeous McQ dress for half the price (I have serious hopes that my mums bought me this for my birthday!)

It's absolute perfection! I need it in my life!

I also can't stop lusting over these Chloe Susanna boots in python! They are ridiculously priced (coming from a person who has them in black, but the best buy this year!) but hopefully they will hit some form of sale as they haven't shifted fast!

My lust list could go on forever! So now it's time to share my beautiful new bag....My Alexander Wang Diego bag! This is a bag I've wanted for far too long (I missed out on the leopard 2 years ago and this one last year) so when I found out they were bring the black with rose gold hardware I got stupidly excited! For a brand that is getting better and better the price point is brilliant! (still went up a lil bit from last year!) so here he is....

My rose gold obsession is growing out of hand! Next is a rose gold watch!

What's everyone got planned this weekend? I hope team GB win more golds!


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  1. Loving the new bag honey. Rose Gold steals my heart too. I know what you mean about the Victoria Beckham dresses. Cute but v expensive. I cant stop thinking that Claireys Owl one from M&S loks very similar lol :) xx