Monday, 16 September 2013

Mulberry and Mary Katrantzou SS14 collections at LFW.

Evening all,

I know I've only just done a post of Sunday's shows but i wanted to dedicate 2 of my favourite designers to their own post. Mulberry and Mary Katrantzou. Why? Here's why....


I have been a Mulberry fan for years. Clothes and bags. So today's show was a highly anticipated one for myself and the fashion community, more so than normal, and if you've been hiding under a rock then you'll know it's due to Emma Hills last collection for Mulberry! SOB! She's leaving us. Maybe it's about time, because the price range for mulberry is now at an all time high and ridiculous also. Maybe that's why Emma is leaving. I don't know if Mulberry can bring in someone who's brought such amazing heritage and youth to the brand and made it an International success. 

In classic Mulberry manner, the show took place in it's usual stomping grounds of Claridge's. The floor was laid with astro turf with daisies and the entrance was painted with beautiful flowers. The soundtrack for the show "Our House" Madness....bloody fitting if you ask me the sub context is just brilliant. It was a typical mulberry collection, oversized pea coats, floral dresses, leather and calf panelled shirts and pyjama suits. But let's be honest, where there are pieces you really want (the 2 piece black and white floral suit and that black leather shirt) the show lacked the previous charisma and excitement you get when a new bag was introduced, the lust factor has gone, was it an intentional move by Emma? Maybe. Maybe her ideas are being kept for her next venture and she's returning mulberry back to it's position it was at before she arrived, nicely crafted bags and an average runway collection. But here's to you Emma Hill....I go where you go! Seriously. 

Oh and let's not forget that oh so appealing FROW...

Mary Katrantzou

Queen of the digital prints, and a woman who stole my heart. I love everything about Mary K, like everything. From all her collaborations to her own collection. Mary is a true talent and she didn't fail to prove that yet again for her SS14 collection. Last season was a very dark collection, for a person who has created the most bright and beautiful prints it was a huge change. Enter SS14. The digital prints are back and it's all about shoe fetish! Enlarged imagery of men's brogues with leather punched hole detailing with laces, vinyl inserts and embellishment. The silhouettes were as dramatic as the collection, over the top peplums, big over sized suits and big ruffles. The whole collection was perfection and was also immensely complex with detailing and collaborating with Lesage. Proof again that Mary is a woman full of ideas and isn't ready to produce the same thing time after time.

Thanks for reading guys! I am gonna go and put my feet up now with a cuppa!!

lots of love 


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