Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Chanel Cruise Dubai 2014-2015

When Chanel comes calling to your country, you better answer that phone and roll out that carpet! that is exactly what Dubai did. Yes if you haven't already seen your Instagram feed inundated by the highest of the high fashion elite parading around Dubai with their Chanel guide to the city then you have been missing out!

When Chanel announced in February that the cruise collection was heading to "The Island" in Dubai (Isla Moda a concept that had been birthed since the man made islands were complete, an Island dedicated to Chanel) The fashion world clapped. It also saw the acknowledgement that Karl was giving to the Arab world, that they drive the luxury fashion industry. You could argue that is not true, but we are not here for politics. We are here to talk fashion. Dubai was Chanel ready this weekend, welcoming guests from around the globe, throwing a dinner party Monday evening and presenting one show stopping collection. 

The guests were treated to traditional Arabic tea on arrival to The Island.

The architecture of the building. CC woven all over. A theme which is echoed on to the collections accessories. 

As you can see I was treated with some amazing photos from my friends along the way, from the journey to The Island to the after party with the insanely talented Janelle Monae performing. Please note these are ALL my photos from a group of colleagues who sent them to me. 

Some close ups of the accessories to lust after:

Arabic Tea Pot Bag- Chanel Transparent Water bottle.

Light up sandals meet extreme Hareem pants.

Big hair= Big Chanel Head pieces. 

The Giant Pearl.

The Bullet 2.55

The Oil Can/ Water Can.

The CC Boy bag

Lace Gloves meet Arabic Style slipper.

The CC cuff. (Look at the tweed detailing, you can see the colours of the UAE incorporated into the tweed).

These slippers! Out with espadrilles in with these bad boys. 

As you can see from the photos fresh from the runway, the collection is completely and utterly UAE inspired. It captures the heart of the Middle East and the Islamic culture. The prints are all inspired by 11th and 12th Century Islamic Art and print. What is inspiring about this collection is it respects the dress code of the Arabic lands and still remains chic and modem. Each look can be mix and matched with other looks. The epic Hareem pants were also lust worthy perfect for desert weather. Along with all the floral prints (FLORCORE IS COMING!), my favourite looks had to be the tweed two pieces. Wow. I'm pretty sure the requests for these pieces to be available pre cruise will hit the roof especially with the Muslim festival of Eid just around the corner. Come on, I know what I would wear on Eid day. I can't speak for all Muslim Asian Fashionistas but I can truly say I am proud of my heritage and I am proud of Chanel for capturing the modern middle eastern woman.

Here is the whole collection bellow. I would love to hear what you think of the collections.


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