Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Pagoda Vs Metallica

Hey guys,

A few weeks ago me and the boyfriend took advantage of the good weather and took ourselves to Victoria Park which is only 15 minutes away from us. Since moving to East London (I'm a North London girl at heart) we haven't really explored east besides Shoreditch and Brick Lane. So it was quite nice to take the camera and my little outfit out to the park.

Victoria Park is really beautiful, being a welshie and living in London I do often miss the green, the peace and quiet (thank god I get to go home) so it felt very tranquil for the middle of London. 

I love a pagoda and what they represent, it's rare to find such a new build in London. I didn't even know there was a pagoda in the park so you can imagine my excitement, it's the same excitement I get when I'm abroad.

This is a typical laid back outfit for me on the weekend, I am very much a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl. My t-shirt is stolen from one of my best friend Gaspard who told me I looked better in it than him. Thanks Gaspi. The skaters are the oh so awesome Celine tartan, well worn since buying them. They are the most comfortable shoes I own and I'm so glad my wonderful friend Doreen convinced me to buy them over Chanel sneakers. I think i definitely pass as a 70's rocker! 

I love these Ray Bans. I bought these at Duty Free in Heathrow for my trip to Seoul and Kuala Lumpur. These were limited edition from last years collection and I couldn't get my hands on them so they have been sitting at the airport waiting for me! I love a rose tinted lens, especially with gold. 

Oh my baby! I don't often bring my Electric Blue Celine out to play purely because I treasure it so much. I love the Nano, it's an excellent size, perfect for everyday use and taking out. I'm also very fond of the colour. Not a lot people would think electric blue is easy to match but it is. It goes with everything. I would love to get another bag in this colour soon and also a new Nano.

These were the first pair of jeans I bought with the intention of customising myself. For my first go I did myself really proud. So proud that a few people have asked me where they are from! Credit where credit is due, these pair come from Dorothy Perkins. These are the Eden Jeggings. I advise any woman whose looking for a pair of comfortable jeans to come here! They do not look like jeggings at all and actually do sizing in leg lengths. Score.

Sunglasses- Limited Edition Ray-Ban (Alternative here)
Metallica T-shirt- Vintage 
Denim Shirt- Levis (Alternative here)
Ripped Jeans (customised)- Dorothy Perkins 'Eden' (here)
Skater Shoes- Celine (Alternative here)
Handbag- Celine Nano


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