Monday, 19 May 2014

Dusters In the Summer

When I first saw this duster jacket in Monki, my mind thought "could I really carry it off? It's a maxi blazer in London, won't some random idiot pull on it?' Well sod all those thoughts, I went in on one of their discount days and picked this little beauties up. I can safely say I am madly in love with it. It is so flattering and light I have even considered buying a black version of this. I am 100% certain  you will see it on the blog styled in a different way but I wanted to post this look first. Whilst the boyfriend (who by the way is proving to get better at the whole blog photographer job aka putting up with me) was working at the British Council, we decided to spend one of the last days working close to one other at Somerset House post lunch at Kimchee (seriously one of the best places for great Korean food and not expensive at all). Somerset House is truly one of my favourite places in London, not only for fashion week/ creative exhibitions but because on a summers day it truly is beautiful.

The pearl necklace is a little beauty I picked up from H&M for a fancy dress party. It has now become one of my favourite jewelry pieces. It resembles a piece Chanel created in previous collections. A lot of friends, colleagues and sales assistants have even asked me if it is Chanel. Of course I am a woman full of honour and steered everyone to H&M. The Chanel heart pendant is a limited edition piece, I have always had an impeccable eye for pieces I know what will sell quick and what will catch peoples eyes quicker. This was love at first sight when I went to Paris with my boyfriend in 2011 so it is one of my most cherished pieces. 

My new favourite lipstick at the moment is the new Dior Addict Fluid Stick. I am not one for lip glosses as the texture kinda makes my skin crawl, this however isn't your average lip gloss slapped with a new sticker. No, it has more thickness, deeper and more varied in colours and stains beautifully without being sticky. I massively recommend it to the readers who love to try new lippies and glosses. 

The thing I would do for the other 2 colours in these ankle boots. I have these Chanel boots in this bright burgundy and a beautiful grey with lavender undertones. I bought both pairs within a week of one another last year. The pair I regret not buying was an amazing bright green. The reason for my regret? These are the best boots I own, along with the Chloe Susanna boots that I have worn so much they are taking a well earned rest, durable and comfy with a splash of fun. Parfait. Then again my shoe collection really doesn't need an additional member at the moment. That could currently stand for my handbag collection but my Boy Bag is loyal and gets the best use out of my Chanel collection. I wouldn't mind adding another to my collection, but one bag at a time…my list never stops growing, but with a growing list comes a hard working mentality. 

Duster Jacket- Monki
Striped T-shirt- Topshop
Leather Shorts- Alexander Wang
Boy Bag- Chanel
Boots- Chanel
Heart Pendant- Chanel
Pearl Necklace- H&M
Watch- Swatch Automatic

Here are some duster jackets currently available:


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